Something Fishy

So, I gained a pound last week. I’m not happy with myself, especially since this extra pound made itself known at my birthday weigh-in — not exactly the kind of present I was hoping for. Could it possibly be because I’ve been eating stuff like this?


Gee, and I was hoping that the “light” vodka cooler made up for it!

Not only that, but, unfortunately, the day before the weigh-in, I stepped off of a curb onto some uneven pavement where my ankle promptly rolled, landing me on my hands and knees. All the people gathered around in the Starbucks parking lot tried to be helpful, but I really just had to wallow in the pain for a bit before I could get up. I now have two sprained ankles (the right worse than the left) and two bruised knees (the left worse than the right)! Painful, and now I can’t even walk the dog for exercise. Sucks.

Anyway… I should probably stay away from the deep fried seafood pictured above and stick with a healthier option. (Even though I do love that fish and chips shop!) A couple of weeks ago, my older son made these delicious fish tacos. Normally, I am not the biggest fish fan, but this was really tasty!


Rather than type up the recipe, I’m going to include the link my son used which is at Natasha’s Kitchen. We didn’t have the cheese they suggested, so he just used some white cheddar. You can keep the calories down by using mini-wraps. Also, he used plain non-fat Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream in the sauce and it turned out great.

Now, Richard, don’t look so surprised! Greek yoghurt really is a great substitute for sour cream.

Richard recording Wolverine

5 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. Ouch on both accounts – the fall and the weigh-in results. Mind you, a pound is not that much, and there are always fluctuations when it comes to weight. Don’t let this discourage you! You have already lost so much weight in the past months, you will easily return to losing.
    Those restaurant lunches are a killer. I am still struggling with making the “right” decision when I am eating out – let’s face it, salads are not as enticing as a nice plate of prawns and chips. I try to tell myself that it is only a temporary thing and that I can return to eating regular food (including deep-fried delicacies) once I have reached my weight-loss goal. (I’m fully ignoring the fact that *maintaining* weight is almost more difficult than actually losing it…)
    In any case, hope that your ankles and knees heal quickly. Sounds like a horrific fall – I’m glad you didn’t break any bones!

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  2. Thanks for the pep talk. I’m finding that emotionally I want to console myself because my ankles hurt. The worst is the swelling by the end of the day. But you’re right that it could have been worse. I’m lucky I put my hands out or I might have smashed my face.

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    1. That devious consolation instinct! I have that, too, and when things are tough, I reach for food to make me feel better. Hopefully you’ll be able to counter that, now that you are aware of it…

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