Freestyle Asian Chicken with Cashews

Sunday – 272

Monday – 253

Tuesday – 231

Wednesday – 213


This would be my blood sugar counts for the last 4 days. High, but coming down. Consider they’ve been in the upper 300’s. At this rate, I’ll be at a happy place in about 5 days. This past weekend was a holiday weekend, meaning, I’ve had to breathe BBQ ribs and Tagliatelle, NOT made with whole wheat pasta. Potatoes, ice cream. It’s been a struggle. I’ve NOT had a coke in 3 days. I’ve swapped to Coke Zero, which I can stand 3 to 4 swallows of. More, if it’s frigid cold. I’m drinking a ton of water as well. I’ve drank 2 crates of water since the weekend. I’m living on the toilet. But hey, according to my mom’s scale, I’m at 230 – the lowest I’ve been in a long, long time.

I’ve been in the Interior since last Thursday night. We leave for home tomorrow morning. Today, I get to go to Sam’s and get a new card, get an oil change and a pedicure. Tomorrow, we go home to angry kitties. We’ll probably have to open doors to air the place out. It will be hot and rainy, but it will need to be done.

Underline the word ‘need’.

We’ve never left them this long, but there was no fundage and I got paid later than I expected. No fundage, no fun.

We’ve had RAIN for 2 straight weeks. We are in for rain for the next 2 weeks. Damn you, Alberto. Move on, will ya?

And now for the recipe portion of this post.

Cashiew ChickenCashiew Chicken 01cashiew chicken 02cashiew chicken 03cashiew chicken 04

Serve with rice or steamed broccoli. I’ll have Richard Armitage, with a side of Porter, thank you.





4 thoughts on “Freestyle Asian Chicken with Cashews

  1. That chicken sounds nice. And glad to hear your blood sugar is coming down. Hey, by the way, this post didn’t show up in Reader, just in email. Not sure if this is the reason, but…. I’ve had that happen before if I started it a lot earlier and then it posts to Reader earlier in the timeline. The WP “happiness engineers” told me to always schedule for two minutes ahead to avoid this issue.

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    1. They make it harder and harder to post and act like they’re doing us a favor! Whatever happened to posting it when hitting send?

      I’m cranky. Sorry. I’m in for a long drive today. Going home.

      And after 4 days of decline, my blood sugar this morning was 239. If course, I had a Sam’s hog dog for lunch and chinese for dinner. No cokes, though. I’m getting with cokes, like I am with shopping…

      24 days without shopping…

      5 days without a coke.

      I’ve decided I HATE Diet. Dr. Pepper. It used to taste almost as good as Dr. Pepper. Not anymore. Spawn bought me 3 Coke Zero’s. I can drink them if they’re almost frozen.


      1. It is so hard to “be good” all the time, isn’t it? My ankle has been so painful and swollen that only my favourite iced mocha will do. And yet this self-medicating isn’t doing me any favours in the long run.

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      2. I start my summer walking tomorrow morning. My blood sugar is going to suck tomorrow (I had a coke EARLY, been mostly good, but traveling home, meaning I ate some things I shouldn’t have.)

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