Chicken so easy, Mimi can make it!

We're going to make this Wednesday night!!! Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Italian Chicken Prep10 MIN Total4 HR 10 MIN Ingredients3 Servings6 Just three ingredients plus pasta make this meal easy to throw together for a dinner that’s ready to go when you get home. Serve with a fresh green salad, and your meal is complete! ByPillsbury Kitchens Ingredients 2 lb boneless skinless … Continue reading Chicken so easy, Mimi can make it!


Cauliflower Bread

Hey guys! How are we settling into the new year? I'm still babying this cricky knee (really, it cricks) and trying to just stay good. Spawn and I will be trying some new recipes this go-round and this will be one. We know I LOOOOVE bread and as a diabetic, it is a nono.  So … Continue reading Cauliflower Bread