Spring is Springing!

It looks as if our cold snaps are done and over and spring has finally arrived! My rose bush is budding up and blooming; my magnolia tree is budding up and blooming. I bought a hanging flower pot and the front of my home is all pink! I’m dragging the old tire out this afternoon and putting dirt and gladiola bulbs into it.

I’m putting away my heavier recipe books and digging out the summer greens – the salads and lighter things. The comfort food I crave in the winter is just too heavy here in the tropics. As much as I love Italian Sausage and cheese tortellini, I can’t stomach it in the summer. It’s just too hot. Summer is a time for salad, and yogurt and grilling! Grilled chicken and ribs and steak and grilled veggies! I have a slotted grilling frying pan that I love all summer long! Chop up zucchini, squash, carrots, corn, potatoes… splash them with a little olive oil and herbs of your choice. I don’t know about you, but I go through a load of charcoal from April through October. We’re finishing up our first large bag of charcoal of the season. And I don’t believe it, but right now, I’m listening to seagulls screeching outside the door.

Oh – another vision of spring I love –


Bird Watching. Hmmm mmm

I will start my summer power walk come the beginning of June. School is out the 3rd week of May, I have another week and then I’m going home to visit the parents.

As for the diet, after 3 weeks of itty bitty gains (in the upward direction) thanks most likely to Frankenboot and being unable to move around, I’m back to micro-scopic losses. I didn’t go up any clothes sizes, so I’m still in the new down. I’m back to doing cardio with at least once class a day. (Cardio includes 6 minutes of The Electric Slide and 5 minutes of the Cha Cha Slide. That will go up to 3 times a day after next week!)

Dancing 4

So expect to see some lighter recipes from me.

Look. Even Richard is getting ready for that summer  body!!!



8 thoughts on “Spring is Springing!

  1. Already through the first bag of charcoal???? Lucky you! I was already proud that we had launched the BBQ season last weekend with the first outdoor BBQ of the year. Alas, the temperatures have dropped down again, and it is currently about 12C (53F). However, I have put away the socks for the season – from April to October, no socks *hehe*


    1. Eeep! That’s COLD! We’ve been locked in the upper 70’s low 80’s for a couple of weeks. I think our last cold snap (60’s) was in the beginning of April. Right now, we’re in that lovely spot where we don’t have the AC on and are leaving the doors open. VERY low electric bill for right now. Of course, starting in late May, it will get hot – July and August are unbearable and my electric bill is higher than the monthly food bill!

      So grilling we be doing lots of! Anything to keep the house cooler.


      1. We’ve actually had all 4 seasons the past 12 months. Normally, our winter is an over-extended fall, but this year, we had A snow!!!! And it was cold for 6 weeks. I don’t mind the heat so much. I do mind the electric bill.


  2. We’ve started barbecuing too — gas, though. Had teriyaki marinated steak —yum! We got up to 21C (70F) for a couple of days, and I had to use the a/c in the car. But now it’s back down to 11C (52F) and rainy, so I had the warm jacket and waterproof boots on again!

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