Wake up call

Well I got my wake up call from my doctor today.

Although I have lost weight and dropped a dress size all over, my A1C in April was over 12. I have no choice but to give up the cokes. My doctor has changed my meds – a stronger Jenumet, doubled the Glimerperide and we are considering a shot Diabetic med – not insulin. I have been given 2 months (July 30th) to bring it down significantly.  I see the diabetic pharmacist in 2 weeks.


I’ve been told to exercise.

Hobbit Ball Exercise

This isn’t a whine, or an ask for a pity party. I know me. I know my body. I know my weakness. It’s just… well… shit got real today. It just did.

I leave for the Interior tomorrow as soon as I get my closing checklist turned in. I’ll be there until next Wednesday. My mom will fuss at me. I just know she will.

Diet Coke. Meh.


Yep. That’s how I feel about it.


6 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. Coca Cola – whether the regular stuff or the diet version – is addictive. I am really struggling with that, too, because I used to drink a lot of the diet stuff myself. But it *is* possible to overcome the addiction. I hope you find a good replacement that you enjoy drinking. (Mine is apple-cinnamon infusion, which I drink copious amounts of. When sweetened with Stevia, it tastes like apple juice. Works both hot in winter and cold as ice-tea in summer.) Other than that: Have a nice time with the family!

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  2. I agree with Guylty – better to forget coke altogether. The diet version is bad for ladies because it contains phosphoric acid, which leaches calcium from your bones… 😳 Not desirable especially as we get a bit older 🙄

    I really hope you have a good summer though 😀

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