Super-Easy Home-Baked Bread

"Oh, but the carbs!" I hear you scream. Yes, the carbs. But I am going to post this recipe here regardless, just because I am currently in love with this bread. And because I am thinking that even a weight-loss diet can do with some nice bread. It just means you limit yourself to 1 … Continue reading Super-Easy Home-Baked Bread

Let Them Eat Cake

Oh cod, I haven't posted here since April. That is when my long line of holidays and breaks started and it not only meant that I was absent a lot, but also that the dieting more or less went out of the window. Or so I thought, but bearing my own handy tips in mind, … Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake

Faking it?

My silly scales are continuing to play up. Another perfidious attack on my resolve and my motivation courtesy of the weighing device happened this morning. Although I was freshly relieved of excess liquids, and in a suitable state of undress, the scales had the audacity to claim I had actually *gained* 200g over the last … Continue reading Faking it?