Using the Blog-Site

Finally, I have some time to cook a few meals for the family this week. Guess where I came to find recipes? That’s right… right here!

By the way, apostrophes are extremely important. Did you know that when you Google “Richards BBBWW” without the apostrophe you get “Shanice Richards Porn Videos”? Definitely not what I was looking for.

Finally finding this blog-site, this week I cooked two of the recipes that my family and I have enjoyed:

Rigatoni with Sweet Bell Peppers, adding Italian sausage for protein; and

Five-Spice Turkey with Mushrooms, which is even better with Hoisin sauce on top.

So handy to have these recipes all in one place!

Doesn’t this look like a happy guy?


2 thoughts on “Using the Blog-Site

  1. See???/ SUCCESS!!!!! That’s what we’re here for!!!! C”mon folks! Share those success stories! (And recipes!)

    I love that picture of him, I love the silver fox temples. I am NOT a fan of the reverse mohawk look, although it’s popular right now…

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