Happy Wednesday!

Are we over the hump day yet?

How are we doing? Are we winning the battle or does the battle have us hamstrung? Is it too cold or rainy to go out and walk? Has anyone tried anything new that was good, or tried something new that was bad? Have you come across something you’ve not tried, but looks good? I have a TON of those. I’ll be sharing and we’ll poll it.

I don’t know about you, but the weekend is when I have a rough time eating healthier.  I’m lazy – eat fast food, drink too many cokes, on Sunday morning, I make cinnamon rolls or biscuits with sausage gravy. You KNOW that ain’t healthy! I was very proud of myself today! I was jonesing (Still jonesing, tbh!) for some Coconut chicken and a spring roll from the little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place across the street from our new school. There is also a BBQ just up the road – I smell it every morning as I drove by and Randy is firing up the smoker. I’m told it is the BEST bbq around. (And it’s a hole in the wall too! In an old old old gas station!)

But I was good and had a salad that’s been sitting in the frig for a few days too long. Didn’t taste great and like I said, I’m STILL jonesing for some Coconut Chicken!

Starting in February, several of my cohorts and I are doing a weight loss challenge. Whoever losses the most, wins the pot. I could use it! I’m trying to gear up – walking the halls and doing the stairs twice a day. That has to count for something.

Quite a few people have joined up. (I think I should thank Serv for plugging us!) If you’ve NOT gotten an invite to be an author, please contact me with your email addy. For some reason, WP isn’t taking WP addies. Give me the addy FOR your WP and it likes that. Go figure.

After several nice, mild days, we’re getting a cold snap again. Not as cold as it was a few weeks back when we here in the tropics had SNOW and frigid temps – Frozen Iguanas falling out of palm trees and gators in frozen ponds, with their snouts through the ice, but still, cold. I don’t MIND the cold, because that means fewer mosquitos and sand gnats in the summer and no love bug apocalypse! That’s always good!

Castlevania Season 2 is coming up this summer! I love Trevor! Can’t wait!

If you have anything to add.  Please please please do so!



I need to load up the media folder with some goodies.


17 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. We’re winning the battle! Always. I’m only at the beginning of the journey, but one week into my journey, I had my first weighing day yesterday, and the results made me very happy. So much so that I treated myself to a cheat day that probably ate up all my weekly points. *um*
    But yes, temptation lurks at every corner, and it is particularly bad when there are “holes in the wall” that sell irresistible food. The longer you resist, the greater the possibility that it will become a habit NOT to eat there, maybe?
    Your daily hall walks sound very good btw. Clever way of getting some activity in.

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    1. When I did Weight Watchers, I also treated my cheat day the day of or after my weigh in. We had our meetings first thing Thursdsay morning. I didn’t eat or drink before weigh in because water weighs, y’know?


      1. Yep, I know the tricks. I weigh myself first thing in the morning (I don’t go to WW meetings; am doing the “At Home” program) – but after I have been to the loo 😁 and before I’m dressed.

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      2. I don’t know. My former principal made it a point to wear the same outfit every THursday. I have clothes that are VERY heavy. I have a black with white polka dot maxi dress that HAS to weigh 15 pounds, because even though it’s a summer dress, it’s very layered. Gorgeous on and yeah, I look like a whale, but I love it!


      1. It kind of makes sense to cheat on weighing day – after the weigh-in, of course 😁. Means that there is still a whole week to catch up after the indulgence. This week, I had a proper feast on my weighing day – my mother had sent us a massive parcel with a local delicacy. Fatty sausages, cale, potatoes. It probably amounted to all of my weekly points in one go, but it was worth it. Cheat days are necessary for the morale.

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      2. It is necessary. I just don’t have THAT much will-power. It’s like sometimes, you NEED comfort food. My last two classes on Friday are hell! Sheer hell. My patience is GONE by the time my last class arrives. So Friday dinner IS comfort food.

        Also, cold rainy days? Salad ain’t happening! Nope!


      3. I build a little comfort into every day. I make sure that I always have 3 points left after dinner so that I can have either a packet of baked crisps or another treat in front of the telly. You could say I live for that 😂

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      4. That’s what my almonds are for. They are my between breakfast and lunch snack. For some odd reason, I become ravenous just before lunch. And that 1/4th a cup (or a handful and a half) of spicy almonds does the trick.

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  2. So I shouldn’t get weighed dressed and with my heavy boots on? Now you tell me, I wonder if they will let me undress at the doctor’s office. Haha just kidding, but I probably should take my boots off when they weigh me.

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  3. How much do you put into the pot for the weigh loss challenge? Is it only one person who wins and only at the end? Do you do pounds or percentage? Maybe that’s the answer for the people at my work who are interested.


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