Ideal Lunch: The Low-Everything Wrap

Zee has been demanding recipes. For those of you who are not big into cooking, here is my go-to lunch recipe that does not involve cooking. Also ideal as a dinner alternative when the rest of the family is eating a regular meal that does not fit your nutrition plan.

 Chicken- and-Salad Wrap

1 kids size wrap (about the size of a dessert plate)

1 tsp light/extra-light cream cheese

1 generous handful of chicken breast pieces (cooked)

1 handful of grated/spiralised carrot

half a diced red pepper

1 diced spring onion

10 cherry tomatoes (halved)

Spread the cream cheese on the wrap, sprinkle all the other ingredients onto the wrap, season with salt/pepper/herbs to your liking. Roll it up and enjoy.

⇢ 🍽 ⇠

The whole wrap concoction has 2 SmartPoints and is a perfect lunch item that will make you feel sated until the afternoon snack, yet still leave you plenty of points to be used for dinner. Not sure about the calorie value of this meal, but the main culprits in it are the wrap and the chicken.

I have been eating one of those almost every day since I started my healthy eating drive 10 days ago, and since the veggies can be varied, I am not sick of it yet. Also, the chicken can be replaced with one slice of Parma ham, which will only add 1 extra SmartPoint to the value. That’s an awful lot of bang for your points.


15 thoughts on “Ideal Lunch: The Low-Everything Wrap

      1. Yes I could! And will!

        Hole in the Walls are going to be scheduled as cheat days. So not EVERY day – although I’m STILL jonesing for Coconut Chicken!!!! LOL!

        Actually, I’m going to HAVE to cheat today as I packed my lunch last night and left it in the frig. I KNEW I was forgetting something – and no, I’m not in a place where I can run home to get it. My one way commute is about 35 miles and it’s pretty much all on expressway…


      2. Cheat days are essential, I think. There are a number of things that I *need* in my daily diet slog – like my favourite mid-morning snack. Once I have had that cheat/treat, I am mentally able to go back to the slog. So what’cha havin* today?

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      3. I have a healthy snack that I love that if Spawn has made it, I’ll eat daily. It’s a roasted almond with Soy Sauce and Worchester. And ginger. It’s really good. It’s an Alton Brown recipe and damned if I can find it! I’ll post it next time I post a recipe.


      4. Oh, roasted almond? As in: the actual almond “nuts”? I love roasted almonds, simply roasted in a pan, in a dash of olive oil, seasoned with sea salt. But soy sauce and Worcester sauce sound intriguing. Can’t believe that that is low cal, though, is it?

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      5. Actually, it’s NOT low-cal – but it’s full of healthy things. There is Worchester, lite soy, ginger, among other things. The serving size is 1/4th a cup, so not much, but it makes a great snack. I’ll get it from Spawn and post it tonight! when I get home


  1. So while waiting for Hubs and other men to heft my comic boxes into the bed of my truck, I checked in here, then hubs got in and asked what I was reading on my phone. So I read aloud what the recipe was; we both have questions.
    (1) what is a spring onion; (me)
    (2) isn’t cream cheese rich in calories; (hubs)
    (3) why is chicken a culprit (hubs)
    (4) there are different kinds of ham? (Me)


    1. (1) hm, they are also called ‘scallions’ – or is that an Irish term? Those green, slender onions that you put into salads
      (2) Nope. Because it is less dense than regular cheese, you can eat a whole spoonful of it at less calories than real cheese.
      (3) Hehe, only in terms of counting the calories. However, for WW SmartPoint purposes, the chicken doesn’t have any points, only the wrap has.
      (4) cooked ham vs. smoked and dry cured ham

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      1. No, my mom called them scallions and she has never been to Ireland. I know what you mean now. 🙂

        Cream cheese has less calories? That doesn’t apply to cheese cake though right? Cause cheese cake is make with cream cheese, or at least it seems like it. And cheese cake is so rich tasting, I can’t really eat that much, especially if it’s chocolate. Maybe a taste. But I like cream cheese on bagels. Hubs will put cream cheese in celery. He insists that is the only good thing about celery, that it can be used to scoop up something that tastes good. (I think it has a nice flavour and like celery as a snack without anything on it or in it.)

        Okay, so that answers the “points” questions we had. I don’t think either of us will ever do Weight Watchers. Not that I don’t need to lose a 1000 pounds,
        but I know us, and we don’t put that much thought or prep into food.

        Ham? Who knew! It is possible, but don’t remember having ham as a child.
        I don’t remember conscientiously eating any ham or pork until I started dating in college. Hmm, is there ham in hot dogs? Because if there is, then I ate ham as a kid. Ham is a higher calorie count than chicken? Is one healthier than the other? I don’t know if I want to eat ham though. They have family units. I feel sorry for the pigs. Even my bacon loving hubs feels sorry for them. He rarely gets bacon in anything unless it is in a restaurant.

        Wow, food is so complicated! Guess I should have paid better attention to mom and sisters when they discuss this sort of thing. Nah, I had more fun ignoring them and doing my own thing. I already give up. 😉


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