Happy Sunday Morning!

Hey there! Zee here and welcome to our first post!

Somehow, I’m supposed to be able to give author rights – I suppose that where I give out the name and password of this site to whoever I/we deem fit.

I see fit that if you know me, or someone who is posting – ask me – or them – and we’ll get you on board. I am website illiterate. Every time WP updates, I’m lost and I yell and flail about like a fish out of water. Amusing and annoying, but hey.

I believe in The Fewer Rules, the Better religion. So here we go.

  1.  We are here for a main purpose. Become healthier. Many of us are watching our food intake. I watch every piece I put in my mouth so that’s not a problem. Personally, I am triggered if you use the word ‘diet’. C’mon. Raise your hand if you are too. That’s why I use the words – become healthier. That’s what we are here for.
  2. RECIPES.  I don’t care if it’s a Weight Watcher recipe, a healthier recipe, a diabetic recipe. Maybe it’s a recipe that you’ve managed to create a healthier version of. POST IT! We’ll do polls ranging from Winnar Winnar Chicken Dinner to Oh Mah Gawd I just purged my spleen!Post Youtube links to a recipe that interests you. Spawn (my son) is a huge fan of several internet chefs and loves to experiment.
  3. Comfort Food will be embraced. Sometimes, you just need to sit down with a bowl of Mac n Cheese and watch North and South, right?
  4. We are here to encourage each other! There will be no food shaming, size shaming, any shaming, no no no and shame on YOU if you try to shame someone! Hugs are welcome always!
  5. Exercise helps. Tell us what’s working for you. Or not working for you. Going to the gym and oogling hot men? Tell us!!!! What’s your favorite tunes to sweat to? TELL US!!!!
  6. Remember, brick walls and plateauing are facts of life. Don’t quit.
  7. Did you drop a dress size or two, enough weight to have to buy a new outfit??? No, I will not be posting MY extensive wardrobe, but if you rewarded yourself, feel free to show off.
  8. Remembering who brought us together helps. So post those Richard pictures at the end of post!
  9. Since this is shared, please tell us who you are when you post.

Over the next day or two, I”ll post measurement conversions, links to such and other websites. I’m the WORST about tagging stuff.

I know some of us are doing Weight Watchers and the point system. If you know the points, share them. Some things I do have the points for. Others… I don’t.

For shits and giggles.

And the man who brought us together.



6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Morning!

  1. Hi Zee, I realize that it is slightly over 10 years ago when I started cooking for my Pekingese. The second Peke I rescued developed congestive heart problems when he was almost 10 years old. To prolong his life, which we managed to do for a little over a year, we had to limit his salt intake and other health procedures that I will spare you here.

    At first I inspected all the ingredients in the food I purchased for him, everything was packed with salt. I thought, Baby Food, that cannot have so much salt. Baby Food has lots of salt.

    As a last resort, I dug out a wedding gift I had but not used, it was a rice cooker and made white rice in it. Kind of hard to screw up too much, but I managed it. Eventually got the hang of it, purchased raw hamburger, cooked it with thyme & rosemary (helps the icky smell of cooking meat) then mixed in baby carrots, peas and sometimes string beans, lima beans, but they don’t like string beans much. Mixed the whole thing up with No Salt really helped the little fur ball live longer. Which we were grateful for.

    Sadly, my hubs wanted to eat this meal himself. The rice at first and helped himself to a whole cereal bowl. Then he realized I was adding meat and veggies to the rice and wanted that too. He knew it was homemade dog food, but he doesn’t get very much from me, in the way of food anyway. Now we have changed it up a bit using fish or chicken, steak or tuna even. I’ve taken containers with me to work for my third and fourth Pekingese rescues, Queequeg and Moby. Some customers even want to eat it when they see/smell what I’m giving them. I will never be a good cook, but at least I have figured out how to cook healthy food for my fur balls. (My Pekingese too. ha ha)

    Note: The vet also recommended sticking with white rice as it is easier on their digestive process since brown rice is hard on them.

    Note 2: Due to thyroid cancer, half of it was removed, I put on a lot of weight as well as other equally alarming side effects. After getting a prescription, (spare dumb details) I wanted to lose the weight. Apparently as we get older, it is crazy hard to do. Riding a stationary bike has helped me a whole lot. Walking my dogs is not enough, maybe it is because it is only one mile or less in the snow. Or maybe it is something else, because I generally only get about 15 or 20 minutes a day (when I’m good) on the bike but it seems to make a big difference. Still have a long way to go, but I keep at it.

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