Happy Sunday!

And how are we all?

For those who didn’t hear, Spawn had his pulmonary valve replaced 2 weeks ago. They had him up and moving around that afternoon. He’s doing well! They’ve put him on … well… a diabetic diet, not because he’s diabetic but because, it’s a healthy diet. No more processed foods, limited trips to fast food chains. Good, right?

This might be needed for me.  for those who didn’t hear, I had a seriously stupid blood sugar reading the day Luke Perry died. (538) I’ve been playing Roulette with my meds again and my doctor is upset, my family is upset, my friends are upset… I’m upset. I’ve been given until the end of the school year to get it to a resting level of 140 – not going down and getting there, it needs to GET there and STAY there. It’s still high, but right now, it would be an improvement.

Meaning, we are digging out the Diabetic Cookbooks and the Weight Watcher cookbooks… again. And now we have to stay on them.

Warmer weather is approaching the south – we’ve had temps in the 70’s and 80’s now for 2 weeks and what is happening tomorrow? A 30 degree drop for 2 days. Really?

Either way, I have 7 weeks to get it down, improve my A1C and otherwise, be a good little healthy well wisher because if I don’t, we will be adding a med and it will be needle form.

That said… does anyone have a healthy recipe they want to share with us? I’ve been bad and will continue to be bad for the next month or two. (Bad as in POSTING, not bad as in eating.)

Here. Have some Richard!


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. I am sorry to hear about your son Zee. Sounds like he is doing alright after the operation though. I used to be embarrassed that my family never got to eat at fast food places when we were kids. Yes, my parents started out dirt poor, but by the time I was 14 or so, they started to do a lot better and we could have gone to fast food places. Consequently, processed foods tend to taste artificial to me and I can’t eat them. They make my sister gag, but when I’ve tasted most things that are processed, I just spit it out. For some reason I can taste the chemicals and for example, once when I took a bite out of a breakfast sandwich at McDonalds (someone ordered it for me) The meat tasted like chemical flavored cardboard. So I spit it out. My hubs says I’m a rude ass bitch. (He doesn’t phrase it that way, I do.) But I’m not going to be polite and eat anything that tastes like it is fake food. My mother always told us we didn’t have to eat it if we didn’t like whatever it was. As the hubs says; “There is where the trouble started!” Regarding putting just anything in my mouth. haha

    So eating healthy, I’m trying to learn how to do a little more of that myself even though I don’t have an exact plan in mind.


  2. I hope your son is doing well and recovering quickly.
    Regarding recipes – in the UK ‘the hairy bikers’ (they are 2 male chefs/cooks who ride bikes round countries, stopping at places to cook. They also have facial hair…..hence the name). They lost a lot of weight and wrote some recipe books adapting dishes to help with weight loss. The books are titled….wait for it……. ‘the hairy dieters ‘. Friends of mine have tried the recipes,enjoyed them and lost weight. I’m not sure whether the books are available in your area….but thought I’d suggest in case……..

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    1. I will DEFINITELY look that one up!!!! Sounds like fun!

      Spawn found Robert Irvine’s healthy and easy youtube… we’ve grilled some seriously delish chicken!!!!


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