Moroccan Pork Tagine

Happy Saturday and how are we all??? School is in full swing for me and you know what that means?

I am SICK!

Right now, we have 150 more students than last year. We added 2 classes at one grade level and are adding 1 class at all the other grade levels Pre-K – 5. There have been a lot of changes, a lot of new teachers, teachers being moved to different grade levels. One grade level teacher is now at the county office. We have 4 or 5 teachers set to retire at the end of this year. And several teachers – including myself- who are seriously looking into new options next year.

Enough about me.

The pantry was bare, so I spent double what I normally spend at the grocery on Wednesday. Hurts the pocket book, but hey, eating out isn’t the healthiest choice. On Thursday, we made a Moroccan Pork Tagine that came out of my diabetic cookbook and it was delish!

You know, I love it when I do a search for a picture of the dish and I find it attached to the actual recipe!!!!

Moroccan Pork Tagine