Happy Guy Day!

And what are we doing for the weekend?

I saw my doctor today and while my A1C is now back in single digits, it’s not in it  by that much. He’s more concerned about my cholesterol and triglycerides which he says we have to talk about. Yeah, let’s talk about my sugar crashes and the fact your scale says I’ve not lost a pound when my clothes are bagging on me.

Needless to say, I”m very frustrated right now. I return to work next Friday and our principal is opening the school over the weekend so I won’t have to go in early. I’m happy about that.

As this is a drive by posting I’m simply leaving a link to some low carb, low fat, chicken marinades that are freezer friendly. Personally, I love chicken.



You know, I always felt that Guy preferred a curvy woman. Just my headcanon.


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