Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Good morning and how are we all? I’m living a life of extremes right now. Extreme swings in blood sugar (Up in the 150-160’s in the morning, crashing in the 70’s and 80’s in the late afternoon and early evenings. Had a bad scare a few nights ago – it dropped and we couldn’t get it to come back up! Was 30 minutes of shake rattle and chatter!) Extreme mood – happiness over the rescue of the boys and their coach in Thailand and sadness over the death of one of my school sweeties in a house fire. Happiness with this wonderful vacation I’ve had and sadness that there are only 2 weeks left.  Happiness I can smile again and sadness at the state of my bank account for the cost of that smile.

But I look and feel great!


I’m sure you recall my rant about a month ago about the ‘friend’ who was obnoxiously pushing a fasting diet on me and I finally told him enough and asked him to stop, so not nicely. He’s been quiet since then, however this weekend when I had the horrible sugar drop, he again pushed the fasting diet – told me to drop my doctor, stop the meds – told me to TRASH my meds, stop the diet I’m on and go on this fasting diet – went so far as to SIGN ME UP on Facebook pages for the diet and sent more videos, demanding that I watch them – it was a ver batum rant from him. I wasn’t nice Told him to take me off the lists and to not bring it up again. My family and friends who are diabetic or medical personnel were stunned and horrified that he would suggest such a diet to a diabetic trying to even out their insulin. His response – Your insulin will figure it out eventually. WHAT? When I’m dead? At that point he came back with his favorite insult – well, I guess you like being a diabetic!

To which I responded – Yeah, as much as you would like nine and a half double wide turned sideways and shoved up your ass without the benefit of lube!

We are no long friends.

I don’t get it. I’m losing weight. My blood sugar is WAAAAY down. I’m not dreading my labs on Friday. I feel good and he’s having a hairy because I’m not trying his crapass fad diet? What is it with men???

Anyway! I’m not here to rant or whine, even though I just did. Here ya go, straight out of one of my Weight Watchers Freestyle cookbook!

041e1d80-b762-42d9-b433-ca4b3b805803Choc pump 01Choc pump 02choc pump 03Choc pump 04

Happy Tuesday! Oceans 8 will be showing Thursday night at out favorite historical theater! I have a dental and eye appointment that day. Hopefully, my eyes will be back to normal in time!



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