That’s exactly what this is!

Am I the only person who has friends (no one here, thank you) who seem to think they know your  body and your diabetes and what you need better than you? To the point no matter where you turn, they are advising that everything you’re doing is wrong and you need to do it THEIR way?

Richard Very Surprised on Yahoo TV Dec 2016

IF so, keep reading and commiserate with me!

I am diabetic. That’s no secret, I don’t deny it. My biggest problem with my diabetes is I like to eat like I did as a teenager AND I don’t like to take meds. Really. That’s it. I like to eat and I don’t like meds!

Oh and I love Coca Colas!

Every now and again, I’ve fallen off the wagon so far that… well…


A little over a year ago, I unfriended and blocked someone I had known for a while on FB because he was determined that I was going to stop eating and buy his Beach Baby Body diet shakes. He was obnoxious about it – Sure I can afford to go out and buy food and candy (I don’t buy candy) but I couldn’t afford his milk shake diet! I wanted to ask him, your shake diet is so wonderful, why is your girlfriend twice my size? In the end, I got tired of him cursing me and threatening me that I just unfriended and blocked him.

Folks, I don’t unfriend and block anyone. But I digress.

Over the past 2 years, on occasion, I’ll have friends tell me to do this or that. It works for them, I can tell you it will not work for me. I have a doctor I trust, and am currently working with a nutritionist. I have a friend who thinks I should cut out all sodas cold turkey. No regular, no diet, just stop. He did. He does just fine.

I love my coca cola. I’m allowed 2 a week. I’m swapping over to Coke Zero. I’m not fond of it, but I like it  better than Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper. The fakeness of those two kill me. I dont chug Coke Zero like I will chug Coca Cola. But I’m allowed those 2 cokes and I savor those 2 like fine wine.

RA eats icecream

6 months ago, a friend of mine went Keto happy. He’s crammed it down my throat for a few months – you know your doctors are wrong. The American Diabetes Foundation is wrong. Weight Watchers is wrong. They just want you dependent on meds… I’ve tried a few recipes, but it’s a damned expensive diet to follow. And I didn’t feel so hot.

Apparently, he has a NEW diet fad – some fasting diet – and he was all over me to try it. 20 hours no eat and then one meal. Yup. One meal a day. I’m thinking – no. I love food. I love cooking with my son, I love the whole meal experience. So no. Not to mention not eating like that will eff up your insulin.

He comes back – well, I guess if you LIKE being diabetic.

I haven’t slapped back, that hard in a long time. A LOOOOOOOOOONG time. I’m taking my meds, my blood sugar is DOWN – still in the 140’s… I feel good, I’m not getting up 3 times a night to pee.

It just pisses me off someone who has never MET me thinks they know my body better than I do.





9 thoughts on “RANT!

  1. I totally agree that giving up something totally is not the way to go. It just makes the binges more likely.

    I have people trying to tell me how to fix my sprained ankle. The doctor said ice, elevation and rest. People at work insist on Rub A5-3-5 or heat or even that a chiropractic adjustment will fix it! Um… it’s a sprained ankle.

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    1. Totally giving up something sets you up for failure. Right now, I’m doing okay, although I’m jonesing for something COLD. Spawn is out with the car and the case of water is in it. I’d walk to the gas station, which isn’t far, but it’s so hot, I’d have to buy 3 or 4 cold things to make it home.

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  2. Zee, you do what your body tells you. I pay no attention to what others say, especially since they don’t have the same metabolism. I can tell when I am shockey and need protein or when I ate sugar instead of protein. Yes, this is a test, guess what , we are passing!!! My rant..

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  3. Doesn’t sound like a good friend to me. Friends are there to support, not to cram unsolicited advice down your throat – or trying to sell you something. You have to do what you feel is best for your body. Those two Coke Zeros a week can hardly be the root cause of your diabetes issues. Ignore and continue.

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    1. Oh i have more than 2 coke zeros – the coke zeros are replacing the regular coke. I’m allowed two regular cokes. Thing is, I”m not fond of coke zero but I’m not subbing the regular coke for the coke zero – if that makes sense…

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  4. I totally agree with you, its only because they want to sell you these fad diets which actually may make you lose weight initially but they are not sustainable, and if they knew more about diabetes it is actually dangerous not to eat for too long a time as your blood sugars can take a dangerous dip and you will get a hypo and I can assure you that is not nice as my husband has had some of those. You have your doctor and nutritionist helping you and that is the best form of help you can get. My diabetes is diet controlled even though my blood sugars are usually good its the HC1 levels that are higher and I don’t want to take meds so that is why I am trying to follow Weightwatchers and have a healthy diet (well trying to) as I love my food too especially all the wrong things!!!!, so good for you and tell them all to get stuffed and go and prey on someone else for a change.

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    1. Thank you. I”m trying to find a happy medium and fasting 20hours a day ain’t it. I don’t see where that can be healthy at all. I have to live my life to it’s end and I’d rather be happy than thinking about food once a day. meh! lol!

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