Oatmeal and Banana Muffins

2 months ago, I bit the bullet and ordered pants a size down and they fit like a charm! So when I went online to purchase 2 slips (because my 2 dresses are THIN and the slips came in packs of two) and ran roughshod into a 50% off sale and just well… yeah. I was strong for about 24 hours and then… Tunics. Tops. A couple of tees… I bit the bullet and bought a size down.


But enough about my inability to say no to clothes and shoes. As it stands, I can honestly say no more no more… until August, when the fall stuff will come out and even then, I’ll probably say….. woooooo Nelly!

Last week, school had a book fair! I picked up a few things for good behavior drawings this week. I have no problems bribing a child to be good. I picked up three cookbooks for me!


First, my reason for buying the cast iron cookbook is we just recently purchased a HUGE cast iron skillet. (For the record, if you go into the camping section of Walmart, things that are also elsewhere in the store, are cheaper there. Just a heads up.)

I’m rather disappointed in the other two. Granted, I took a flip through and bought but, Love and Lemons ISN”T a lemon cookbook. I was hoping for salads and light summer eating and lots of lemony goodness. It’s an A-Z book with a few recipes for each items.

Eat Fat Get Thin… is actually a whole different diet, where I’d have to toss a lot of what I have, buy things I’ve never heard of, and go Pegan. No way. In my flip through, I found a picture of a mango-coconut smoothie. Looks DELISH for these hot climes. I had to go digging for the recipe and that sucker is 567 calories! And yes-  FAT! That’s not a snack! That’s two meals!!!!

So summer is coming up and most teachers gain weight in the summer. Last year, I didn’t gain an ounce. I didn’t lose an ounce, and I walked a lot, but we also spent a lot of meals at the local eatery establishments. KFC. McDonalds. Burger King. Dairy Queen. Arbys.


Also I’m back to drinking cokes like they are out of style. I’m not talking 1 a day – I’m talking 4 to 5 a day and my feet and ankles are swelling from the sodium. Something HAS to give and the giving is going to be me giving up cokes. I’m thirsty. A lot. And that’s another sign of diabetes. I’m up three times a night, in the bathroom. Folks, I’m telling you, it’s crack the nut time.

Spawn and I sat down this week and discussed things. He’s had a crazy schedule, mine is always crazy. Summer is to recoup and regenerate and rest. I’ll be walking 2 to 4 miles every morning in 2 weeks. (I have one week of kids, 4 more days of post planning, and an overdue trip home.) I will be spending time in a dentist’s chair and will probably be drinking a LOT of smoothies instead of eating. But we did a digging in the diabetes and weight watcher section of my cooking books and we’re sticking to this for the summer. My brother is getting married, mid-October and I’d like to drop another dress size or two.

So in the digging, I dragged up this. Again, this is out of the Weight Watchers Freestyle cookbook. Some of you might have it. Some might not.


Whose gonna try this first? I’m thinking we’ll try this once my school obligations are OVER. Or next weekend! 🙂

Here. Have some Armitage!



Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! Spawn is taking me to Savannah Comic Con! I’m looking forward to it!


18 thoughts on “Oatmeal and Banana Muffins

  1. I’m finally getting your obsession with new clothes. It’s more fun when you fit into them, and thusly I also succumbed to the temptation this week, buying 2 summer dresses, a skirt and a flowery top. I still need to drop a dress size before I will feel 100% comfortable in the dresses, but they were seriously cheap and will be useful on holiday in Spain. So anyway, go you – only one week of teaching left. In hindsight, it feels as if the year passed very quickly. You have earned your holidays, once again.
    Pity about those cook books. Haha, maybe that is exactly while someone put them into the school sale?
    Happy mother’s day to you!

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    1. Right now, I am THREE dresses down from when I moved here. I adore clothes – I Love shoes, but I ADORE clothes and have since I was a teenager. There is something about putting something pretty on or something you like and feeling good about yourself!

      Happy Mother’s day to you as well! Spawn took me to a comic con and I’ll post some pictures on my blog shortly!


      1. It takes him FOREVER to send me pics!!! HE takes them in RAW – I do NOT know why – and then has to convert them! He’s also having computer issues. THing is crashing 2 and 3 times a day. It’s got to be a program or something.


  2. You’ve got to do something about that Coke habit! There must be something you can find that will satisfy that urge. Can’t you do an iced latte (coffee or tea) with skim milk (and no sugar of course)? It tastes like a good summer drink with the ice and a straw. Anyway… good for you that the smaller clothes fit! I put on a T-shirt that I wear all the time, the other day, and it is massively loose around the tummy! Not a size down in pants yet though.

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    1. I don’t like coffee, I HATE diet coke, I used to be able to tolerate diet Dr Pepper, not so much anymore. The thing is I’m thirsty and I just need to drink more water. Thing is it HAS to be ice cold.

      I’m also looking for a healthy, low-calorie smoothie. I might dicker with the mango-coconut smoothie, see what it is that is adding so many calories to it.

      I’ve also tried caffeinated hot tea. That’s a hit or miss.

      I’ve bought a cute little tank top to wear when I start walking. It’s lavender and says – I’m not sweating! I’m Sparkling!!!

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  3. Zee! I have to comment again because I have just tried the recipe. Fantastic – this has the potential of becoming my go-to, WW-friendly pastry indulgence. First attempt was great, but I intend to experiment a little bit to bring the points down a bit more. Stevia instead of sugar, unsweetened almond milk instead of skimmed milk. Might lose a point or two. As it is, it actually tastes very nice. Thanks for posting!

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  4. Zee, you have to stop drinking coke! Coke, nor any soft drink will quench your thirst. That is not their chemical make-up, they are designed to make you want to drink more of them.

    Could you try this: Have ice water on hand at all times. You can even freeze half a water bottle then pour water on top to drink at work, or where ever you go. If you keep on sipping on it, you won’t get dehydrated, you won’t Feel thirsty AND you won’t die tomorrow. 😕

    Please consider, some of us want you to stick around for a little while, or at least until you finish your current stories in progress. (she says selfishly, joke, no, not joke)


    1. I have 3 very nice insulated mugs. I usually make WW chocolate smoothies in them. We keep bottled water because the tap water here tastes nasty. I just have to remind Spawn over and over to put them in the frig!!! Right now, I have a glace of ice and i’m working on my 2nd bottle of water since I came home from work

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