This week is

Teacher Appreciation Week and that means we’re being served breakfast and lunch and none of it on my diet.

The world hates me.

After dropping and dropping, I gained and gained almost back up to where I started a few months back. I’ve dropped a few ounces and now I’ve plateaued. The worst of my broken toes hurt today and I am NOT in the mood for that yogurt in my lunch bag.

We are going to the grocery store tonight – everything has come out of my diabetic and weight watcher cookbooks. And this summer is setting up to be a scorcher. Meaning eating heavy stuff isn’t going to fly.

And I’m cranky. And I’ve been shopping.

How are we doing? It’s been a tad quiet. I think we’re all plateauing or at a point of  ‘I need something that I shouldn’t have.’ 

I think we can agree we DO need this.

Ungraceful eating DollyDolly guilty eatingRichard Eating


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