Coco Chia Pudding with berries and lime

It’s a beautiful Saturday here and according to the weather reports, my fair town will hit 90 next Sunday – Mother’s Day. Spawn is taking me to the local Comic Con on Mother’s Day (where Moms will get in free) and I am SO looking forward to it!

We have 10 days of kids left – and they are OFF the chain! Bad off the chain, but so am I, so nyah!

I splurged on 3 new cookbooks – like I need another cookbook like a hole in the head and my son is like – MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! But one of them is an iron skillet cookbook (he forgve me) and I rather doubt we will be seeing anything from it. I also got a ‘Eat Fat, Get Thin’ cookbook – it’s the Pegan Diet and i’ve flipped through it and stuff looks good, but I don’t see where a mango-coconut smoothie that’s 550 calories is thin, know what I mean? Granted the protein level is pretty high – 11grams but still….

However, the third is a Love Life and Lemons and everything is summer light – which doesn’t mean it’s LIGHT by any means, but … well, we’ll see.

I DO want to share something out of one of my (many) Weight Watcher Freestyle cookbooks. Who wants to try this first??? Obviously, it’s a make-ahead.

Coco Chia 01Coca Chia 02

RA eats icecream


4 thoughts on “Coco Chia Pudding with berries and lime

  1. I buy new cook books all the time… which is odd, since I hate cooking. I keep looking for the quick recipes, but the times they give seem to be accurate only if your sous chef (as if) has been chopping for hours before you start!

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      1. I started with Spawn cooking once a week when we were further down the coast. I started with crock pot meals and then he discovered Justin Wilson on Youtube and then Food Network. He was watching Bobby Flay and said – I can do that! So he set his laptop up in the kitchen and started cooking and cooking and cooking!

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