So I find this amusing.

First off, for those who didn’t hear, I broke 3 toes on my left foot last week, dancing with my uppers. Yes. Laugh. The doctors certainly did.  What this means is my dancing days are shot until close to the end of the school year (I was getting a great cardio workout) and I won’t get to play on the school kickball team this spring. (More cardio) Am upset about that.

My son did the grocery run yesterday and picked this up.


While pretty much everything in here looks GOOD – it is missing information – calories, serving sizes, carbs, sugars, fat, etc. So I’m filing it in the ‘comfort food’ portion of the bookcase.

I wonder why my ‘comfort food’ portion of the bookcase takes up 2 shelves of three and my healthy/diabetic cookbooks all fit in one basket???


Sch-wing batter batter batter Sch-wing!


10 thoughts on “So I find this amusing.

  1. Pity on your enforced inactivity. But you better let those toes heal…
    As for the Irish pub stews – I agree with Sue, they actually can be very compatible with WW. If you initially fry everything up with very little oil, then replace the beef with chicken and leave out the potatoes, you would actually get a zero Smart Point meal out of it. Not sure if they fit your hot climate, though… They are something for cold, wet winter days…

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    1. Well today’s high will be MORE than 20 degrees colder than yesterdays! It’s going to be that way for 3 days. Spawn has been asking about Italian Soup (Comfort food. No real way to cut that down… nopers.)

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  2. Eeeooow 😕 hope the pain is less today Zee. Too bad you can’t have some of Wolverine’s fast healing abilities, that would have you fixed up in no time.

    That Irish Stew looks good, I’ve purchased several cook books over the years, including an Irish ☘️ one to go with the Little Irish I have in me (once in a while) but never actually cooked anything out of any of them.

    P.S. sorry about the crass joke, couldn’t help my immature self. ❄️
    Feel better and take good care of yourself please 💕

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    1. They ache. They just do. I’m hurting behind the toes, under the toes. It’s not a horrible pain, but it aches.

      Spawn and I will look into them to convert what I can. It’s cold here again – in the 50’s, tomorrow will be in the 50’s and it’s going to be in the low 60’s all week. I’m going to be wanting some comfort food.

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      1. Do you have access to a swimming pool or hot tub? Maybe time in the water could take some pressure off your poor feet? As for the cold, the best thing for me is layered clothing and moving around. But with you not being able to walk (dance) maybe lying on your back with your legs in the air and doing some exercising that way? Anything to get your blood flow going would help warm you up and not put any stress on your healing toes?

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      2. I have footies on. Cute little white ones with black anti-skids, black trim and a black bow. I be stylin’! Right now, just walking from point A to point B is a chose. I have a weight on the one foot…

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      3. Those footies do sound cute and what a good idea to wear weights. Hubs told me once, when he ran track that he would wear weights on his ankles most of the week while training. So hopefully that will help build up some strength. 💪🏻🙂


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