Irish Coffee Hits the Four Food Groups!

786071As it is St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share a funny quote that I came across recently, by Irish actor and musician Alex Levine:

Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups:
Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat!

In my twenties, I did enjoy an Irish coffee once or twice — in fact I even owned a set of Irish coffee cups! (Image fromĀ Clipart Library.)

However, nowadays, I prefer to drink my coffee without alcohol… and my alcohol without coffee! Our healthy eating strategies tell us that in fact the food groups we should be trying to hit are none of the above! We should be focusing on high protein and our various essential vitamins and nutrients.

Cold Foam Cappuccino

I must confess, though, that I am a coffee lover. I am known by name and drink at several Starbucks outlets, much to the chagrin of my wallet. I love my 1/2 caff iced mochas, which are pretty fattening even though I reduce the pumps of mocha, use 1% milk, and don’t take whipped cream. I’ve tried to give it up when on a weight loss kick before, but I just end up feeling miserable.

But there’s a new drink that I’m wondering if I can make at home. It’s called a Cold Foam Cappuccino. (See my pic at right.) They fill the cup with ice to an inch below the top, pour the espresso shots over, then add skim milk to about 2/3 of the way up. It is topped off with foamed cold skim milk and is really a nice drink. (A venti size only has 1 cup of skim milk, or 3 Smartpoints.) I’m going to have to look for a cold frother to try this at home!

As for the alcohol without caffeine, I’m going to a party tonight for an Irish fellow who’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. Alcohol will likely be there in abundance (as well as all kinds of tempting appies). I’m going to try to alternate between wine and water or diet pop. But wine is not so bad in moderation — 2 & 3/4 ounces = 2 Smartpoints.

Wish me luck that I will be able to indulge in both the food and the wine in moderation! I’ve been having a bit of trouble sticking to my resolve — although somehow I did lose 1.4 pounds last week! Hope you all have a great week!

Lucas in a Coffee Shop

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