Tired of Chicken? Put Pork on Your Fork!

We’ve been getting a little sick of chicken breast around here… although my hubby’s taken to adding cubes of chicken breast to his curries, and sometimes fat-free plain Greek yoghurt too, which makes a nice change. But pork was on special at the grocery store last week.

Now, whether pork is okay for weight loss depends on whether it is a fatty cut or not. Definitely, if you make pork side ribs, even if they are “lean”, they are really fatty — 14 Weight Watchers smart points for 100 grams (3.5 oz)! But pork tenderloin, for example, is actually quite lean — 2 points for 100 grams! This time, I bought some thin boneless pork centre loin chops (1 point per oz) and found this recipe that is fast and good!

Pork Loin Chops with Apples and Onions by The Creekside Cook:

All you need are pork loin chops, salt and pepper, butter or oil, apples, an onion, and some fresh (or dried) thyme. Please visit The Creekside Cook for the recipe and cooking directions. Total time from start to finish is 25 minutes.

I served it with corn-on-the-cob (yes, out of season, but Green Giant sells a package of 4) plus broccoli tossed with a drizzle of sesame oil and cooked in the microwave. It was a good quick meal and a nice change from chicken!

In other news, I reached a milestone this week: More than 5% of my body weight lost, at 12 pounds in 4 weeks! Not sure how my weight had climbed so high in the first place, but I’ve found that gaining weight is much, much easier now that I’m older. My current program, though, has really helped me to lose faster than I ever have before. I feel like I might actually be making a sustainable change in my eating habits. For example, I have been ordering big salads with fruit and chicken or nuts and feeling full for the whole afternoon. I am eating very few carbs. This, for me, is new behaviour.

In order to be sustainable, though, I do have to include things that feel like me. So, I have definitely not cut out my favourite Starbucks drink, for example. And this week, after going to a big awards dinner on Wednesday night, I’ve decided not to track my food points this week. I will just try to be aware of what I’m eating and see how that goes. After this break, next week I will track again.

Lol! I just went onto RichardArmitageNet.com for a photo and got lost doing RA jigsaw puzzles. I had no idea that these existed! If you want to get lost in them too, visit Jigsaw Planet – RAnetdotcom.Warning: They are addictive… but non-fattening.

Okay, back on track. I found the picture I was looking for there. Here is Harry helping me to track my food points next week:

Harry Helping Me Track


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