Spring into action!

Now before you beat me, I’m aware that most of you are digging out from under snow or standing in your doorway saying – where the heck is the snow? That’s it? As we know, I’m in the sub tropics and where we’ve had warm spring weather




we are having a bit of a mild snap – 10 days of temps in the upper 60’s (meaning I can turn off the AC or heat and enjoy lower electric bills)

For those who don’t follow me on my personal blog, I’m in the process of taking some me time – low to no presence on social media. Not for a few days… but some weeks. There are a lot of things on my plate and mentally, I’m struggling. I cried myself to sleep a week ago and truth is I don’t know why I was crying. So I’m taking a sabbatical. Until Easter. So, you’ll be seeing little of me while I work through some things. I’m writing and I’m playing piano, something I adore and is my main way of talking with My Creator. I didn’t want you to think that I started this and quit. I haven’t. I have mood swings, but this was the mother of all mood swings and it scared me. So I’m pampering me for a while.

I’m losing weight. I don’t know how. I’m drinking cokes and not being kind for dinner. I AM being VERY good for breakfast and for lunch and I’m making excuses to climb the stairs at school at least 3 times a day. And I’m downing 3 to 5 bottles of water while there. I find myself STARVING at 3:00! I don’t know why!!!


I’ve taken a leap of faith. In making some spring online purchases, I decided my pants are a) getting big or b) arriving big. So I bought a pair of black jeans that are a full size smaller than what I’ve been buying. Here’s hoping it was a good call.

And it is also SPRING!

So with moving around more and it being spring, I wanted to share a little something that was in my weightwatcher weekly last spring.

Ya know that moving more is good for you – it can boost heart health, ward off certain diseases and improve your mood. And there are so many ways to reap those benefits, especially when the days get warmer and longer. SO we’re saying goodbye to dark days, head outdoors and stretch your legs and everything else. Take a walk in the park, visit the farmers market. pedal around the neighborhood, toss a ball with your kid, or someone else’s kid.

You see, recent research suggests that spending time in nature can help you feel restored and less stressed. And the greater your overall well being, the more likely you are to eat healthier foods, get better sleep, and be more active. Ready to break out of your winter rut? Jump in.

Are you the type who can’t wait to get your hands dirty? Well Go plant something! I have 2 little plots in my front yard that are shady and weed-filled.

The larger one does get afternoon sun, but I’m thinking hostas and elephant ears in that little one.

Are you up with the birds? Rise and shop! Farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets.

Want to shake up your activity? Al Fresco Exercise – Outdoor yoga! Qugong!

Also, savor every minute of daylight. Find a Twilight Tour. I love winter, but the long nights and short days can be depressing and yeppers, yours truly has been suffering from that.

I’m looking at the back of my little flyer and lo and behold, a LOVELY idea. I know Guylty has been talking about fake pizza (WHA????) but this thing is called Rainbow Fruit Pizza. Under the old plan, this was 6 points, but I’m willing to bet under the NEW plan, it’s a WHOLE lot less!!!

1 Flatout Light Original flatbread

1 oz light cream cheese

1/2 tbsp honey

1/2 tbsp fat free vanilla greek yogurt

1/4 cup strawberries sliced

1/8 cup bluberries

1/8 cup blackberries

1/4 kiwi sliced

1/4 banana, sliced

Beat together the cream cheese, honey and greek yogurt. Spread evenly on the flatbread. Top with the fruits in any design you like. Roll Cut Enjoy.

There are a TON of recipes and information at their website http://www.flatoutbread.com OOOOOOOH and there is a diabetic recipe book! DOWNLOADING!!!!

Take care of yourselves. LOVE yourselves. Yes, that’s what I said. None of us have nailprints in our hands, so we’re not perfect, but someone loves you anyway! Remember that.


(Who couldn’t love him? If he looked at me like that, I’d make all the pork pie in the world.)


3 thoughts on “Spring into action!

  1. Zee, I’ll miss you. But I am all for you taking a breather and recalibrating yourself. Look after yourself – and come back refreshed. We’ll keep this thing rolling while your are gone!
    Congrats on the effortless weight-loss, btw. Keep at it. Just think of all the lovely summer clothes you can wear soon.
    Oh, and I won’t go into how it makes me feel to see you sockless in dainty summer heels. 🤯
    That fruit pizza sounds brilliant, btw. And comes at the right time for me. As of last night, we have officially run out of fresh vegetables, which means I am stranded with my diet. Only carb stuff left, which is off limits for me. But we have a big bowl of apples, bananas and tangerine, plus a tub of 0% fat yoghurt. Maybe the supermarkets will open again tomorrow and I can get some cream cheese. I have no idea what that flatout bread is, but maybe the ubiquitous wrap will do… Thanks for the recipe!

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  2. I will miss you Zee, but as distracted (sucked into work, or personal stuff with hubs or canine activities) as I always get, I’m not consistent at checking in regular anyway. Have fun, be good, feel good and come back please. 💕 m

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It feels like spring here too this weekend. I’m ready for it! I’ve downloaded the Flatout Bread WW cookbook. Thanks for that!

    Sometimes you do have to pull back a bit if things begin to seem overwhelming. Then you can come back refreshed. Take care of yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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