How Much Chicken Can This Beef-Lover Eat?

A lot it seems! And it seems to be working its magic… two more pounds this week, for a total of 9.4 to date. Why is it that I was disappointed that I didn’t make it to 10 pounds yet?

Easy Lemon Garlic ChickenThis week I bought some boneless, skinless chicken thighs and found this recipe for Easy Lemon Garlic Chicken. Visit Jessie there at Life is a Strawberry for details. (The photo is hers too.) The dish was quite good and certainly easy, and I counted two lean medium thighs done this way as 5 points. (I used low-sodium chicken bouillon instead of chicken broth and substituted two tablespoons of lemon juice for the juice of one lemon.) I think that next time I will add more garlic, more salt and pepper, and some shallots, substitute white wine for some of the broth as Jessie suggests, and throw in some carrots and other vegetables.

On another night, I made one of our favourite (easy) dishes, Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I only discovered the joys of ground chicken breast fairly recently, but I really like cooking with it. The filling for lettuce wraps is made with ground chicken, diced fresh mushrooms, diced (canned) water chestnuts, and chopped green onions. You marinate the mixture with the sauce (see below) for 20 minutes covered in the fridge and then cook the whole thing in the frying pan. When done, it goes into a leaf of iceberg lettuce along with some rice. You can add hot sauce and hoisin sauce for extra flavour. It’s messy but really tasty. As for the sauce, I cheat and buy this Sunbird flavour pack which has the spices and the recipe. But if you want to make your own, you can check out the ingredients below (click to enlarge or visit their website) and experiment, or look for an appropriate recipe on the internet. The whole thing is only 1 point for the flavouring, plus your measured amount of rice (1/3 cup is 2 points), plus 1 point per teaspoon of hoisin sauce.

I also went out for a salad-bar lunch. A big plate of three types of greens, celery, carrots, sliced chicken breast (of course), chickpeas, a boiled egg, a bit of shredded cheese, pickled beets, and some balsamic vinegar kept me full until dinner and was only 1 point for the balsamic. (I guess balsamic vinegar has some sugar content.) I noticed that they also had rice vinegar which is 0 points, so I’m going to try that next time.

We even went to the movies last week. For me, popcorn and something sweet are a part of the whole movie-going experience. So, I microwaved some popcorn (the one I buy is 3 points for a mini-bag), put it into two ziploc baggies, and stuffed a bag in each pocket of my jacket! (Can’t say I’ve ever smuggled popcorn in before.) I also had a small bag of grapes with me. Along with a diet cherry Coke, this really satisfied me (even though my older son was snickering at me!).

I have, however, found that since my weigh-in this week, I seem to be craving chocolate. Yikes! That’s not good. I’ve given in and had something small a couple of times, but hopefully I can keep the cravings in check.

Hope you had a good week!

Oh wait! I almost forgot the essential… Maybe I would enjoy cooking more if I had this helper with me!

Richard Cooking


8 thoughts on “How Much Chicken Can This Beef-Lover Eat?

  1. Fantastic result! You are really losing weight steadily – and 9.4 lbs is nothing to be sniffed at!
    As for chicken – I think I will turn into one, soon. I eat chicken almost every day. Not sure how healthy *that* is LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s the fastest I’ve lost weight. (3 weeks) But mind you, I’m starting out heavier than I’ve been before. Yeah, I think my family is getting a bit tired of chicken!


  2. This looks great! We’ll have to try it.

    I have struggled this week with food I shouldn’t have. Then again, it’s been a rough rough week.

    With the chocolate cravings, I’ve discovered that small doses of dark chocolate not only fixes that, but also doesn’t upset my blood sugar.

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    1. I was thinking about you with the lettuce wraps. It’s not the Chinese dish you’ve been craving, but it does have those Asian flavours.

      Isn’t it strange how the cravings come and go? But unfortunately, I don’t really like dark chocolate, even though it’s supposed to be healthier.

      Hope your next week is better.

      Liked by 1 person

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