Another Free WW Cookbook!!!


At least today here in the States it’s free. Hope it is elsewhere.

I need to get BACK on the wagon. It’s just been a horrible, rough week and I’m trying to get my head back where it needs to be. I actually put a dent in cleaning house this weekend. I’ve not cleaned in ages. Really. Between being sick non-stop since Thanksgiving and being exhausted when I get home, Spawn is in school now 3 days a week and he’s taking (for him) an extremely difficult class which keeps his nose to the grind on his off days. Neither one of us has time to cook and we only have one crockpot! Might have to invest in a second one. Either way, the house has suffered and I got up yesterday and decided enough was enough! My sister is moving and her (now-former) roommate is a hoarder. She sent me pictures and she’s trying to clear a path so she can get her stuff out. I showed them to Spawn and we spent 4 hours yesterday, cleaning! Hoping I can rent a carpet cleaner next week and do these carpets I’ve walked on for over 2 years!

Either way, work has been a bear and when that happens, I eat foods I shouldn’t and drink cokes! I need to eat more yogurt and salad for lunch at work! Walk more. I have been trying to climb the stairs at work 3 times a day. Our upper grades climb them 5 times a day. (Morning/afternoon, lunch, resource, recess, media center) At least our kids are getting healthier!

Okay, I’ve whined enough. Go pick that cookbook up. I’m going to look through it. We’ve thawed out chicken thighs. We’re thinking about grilling them for dinner. Thighs are good, but I prefer legs.


Thar be some LEGS!!!


11 thoughts on “Another Free WW Cookbook!!!

  1. I’ve started keeping a bunch of groceries in the fridge at work. I’m not very likely to make my lunch at home. But if I have wraps, chicken, cream cheese, salad veg, fruit and yoghurt at work, I’ll throw it together quickly at lunch. (At least until someone complains about the amount of space I’m taking!)

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  2. By the way, Zee, what do you think about having post excerpts instead of full posts on the home page? I think it’s easier then to see at a glance the topics of the recent posts. (I’ve got my blog set up that way if you want to take a look.)


      1. What it kinda looks like is after a certain point, a few lines, you hit the ‘read more’ icon at the top. If you’re NOT doing that, there must be something in the settings that I don’t know about.

        I’m not blogger literate. That’s why I have such a fit when WordPress changes things. I don’t like change, tbh. I’m old.

        I DO like the fact somehow I managed to lose another pound last week…


      2. Yes, that’s what I mean. The Richard’s BBBWW site (and your own too) have the full posts one after another on the home page. If you are interested in changing it so it’s an excerpt with a “read more”, you go to Customize -Content Options – Blog Display -Post Excerpt. (Up to you though.)

        And, hey, I’m just as old as you are! I don’t like change much either. But apparently, learning new things keeps our brains nimble! At least I’m hoping so!

        Congrats on another pound gone!

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  3. Hi Zee… just visited the site again and I see the excerpts! Glad to know it worked. It’s really useful when you’re scrolling through to find a previous recipe or something. Thanks!

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