Some Ideas for Sticking with It

I’m glad to report that my second weigh-in was successful – down another 2.4 pounds for 7.4 to date! I’m feeling better physically, my clothes are not so tight, and I’ve had my first compliment on looking thinner. All of these are very motivating!

I’m finding it much easier this time around, partly because of all you supportive people! Also, the program that I’m following now steers you towards filling foods — high protein or fruits and vegetables, meaning that I don’t get too hungry.

Something else that’s useful is that I’ve synced the Apple Health app on my iPhone to my Weight Watchers app. It tracks the number of steps I take and converts them to activity points, meaning that I have a couple more points in my day to play with. No, I never did get to the gym before my trial run expired. Oh well.

I’m totally a creature of habit, and it helps me to have some standard meal and snack choices:

  • Breakfast biscuits — I tend to eat in the car on my way to work, so the Belvita biscuits (2 for 4 points) are easy. They probably have more sugar than is ideal, but along with my milk-based iced espresso drink, they keep me full until lunch.
  • 0%-fat, plain Greek yoghurt with fruit (0 points) — I actually don’t like the taste of regular yoghurt, but I do like Greek yoghurt and it has the added bonus of being high in protein and very filling. For sweetness I’ve added blueberries or blackberries or, my new favourite, kiwi cut into chunks.
  • An apple or a zucchini (0 points) — Cut into wedges and sprinkled with salt, these make a crunchy satisfying snack to eat in front of the TV.
  • Store-bought salty or sweet snacks that are low in points (ie. low in calories, saturated fat, and sugar, and high in protein if possible) — Sometimes, I really want something other than those healthier snacks! By studying the labels (and using the bar code scanner on the WW app), I’ve found a small vanilla iced-yoghurt bar partially dipped in chocolate for 4 points. There’s also a mini “ice cream” sandwich, made from coconut milk for 4 points. And when I want something salty, I’ve found a brand of oven-baked thin corn crackers (that are a good substitute for chips) with 18 crackers for 2 points.
  • Water variations — It feels like you are drinking something more special when you add ice and a squirt of lemon juice. You can also buy carbonated water with natural flavouring (no sugar), but you have to watch the sodium content. Also, I prefer to dilute them because the bubbles can make you feel bloated. I’ve also got a jug with a fruit infuser in the centre… I need to get that out again!
  • The lunch wrap suggested by Guylty — My base is a small corn tortilla (2 points) and a wedge of herb and garlic Laughing Cow cream cheese (1 point). The meat can be chicken or turkey and then any vegetables can be added (0 points for the protein and the veg). Last week I discovered a delicious new variation — pea shoots, prawns (cold, as in a prawn cocktail), and a drizzle of cocktail sauce.

What helps you to stick with your healthy-eating or weight-loss program?

You know, I really should have taken a picture of my prawn wrap, but I have been so distracted by the new ultra-blue-eyed Armitage selfie that I completely forgot!

RA Valentines Selfie 2018


8 thoughts on “Some Ideas for Sticking with It

  1. This is great – recommendations for snack choices are always high on my list. The snacks are what keeps me hanging on to the diet. The little reprieve in the larger healthy eating scheme.
    Great idea about the courgette. I had not thought of them as a savoury snack. Must try them.
    And the Greek style yoghurt is something I tried for the first time at dinner last night. Not with fruit (although that would be the better alternative) but a couple of spoonfuls of PBfit and a few drops of sweetener. It was a delicious desert – and might be something that I will incorporate on a regular basis, in order to get some more calcium in. I’ll have to try the fruit-based idea, too.
    Oh, and I am glad the wrap idea has been such a success. I have one almost every lunch, and I am not yet sick and tired of it.


    1. Yes, snacks make all the difference, don’t they? I’ll have to see if I can find that PBfit anywhere here. Looks like it (or similar product) might only be available on line. The wrap for sure is such a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it. It was really tasty with prawns in it and almost seemed gourmet.


    2. By the way, I was noticing that the home page of Richard’s BBBWW has the full posts rather than excerpts. Same with the email pushes. What do you think about changing both to excerpts?


      1. Up to Zee, I suppose. She’s the blog owner. Personally, in this case I don’t really mind. Whatever is easiest for people to access the content.


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