Pancake Tuesday!

Today is the day when you *must* ๐Ÿ˜‰ย try that zero points pancake recipe I posted in my breakfast post a while ago. Two eggs, one banana. In a blender. Then into the pan – make small, drop scone-size pancakes, otherwise it will be difficult to flip them.

Since I already posted the recipe before, here is my new addition to our info pool: I have just discovered peanut butter powder. And it is my absolute life saver. Because I love peanut butter. Reeces peanut butter cups are out for the next while, so I switched to rice or corn and quinoa cakes, thinly spread with peanut butter instead for my ‘elevenses’. And then I read on a WW site that there is this magic powder that gives you the peanut butter taste with only one third of the fat of real peanut butter. Two tablespoons of the powder mixed with 20ml of water and one drop of sweetener – and you have smooth peanut butter. Topped with some banana slices, this is my favourite mid-morning snack. No regrets.ย  The brand I buy is called PB fit – but I think PB2 is the same thing from a different brand.

As for the weighing day – today was the end of week 4 for me, and the last week was a tough one. Celebrating my recent pay rise with a restaurant dinner didn’t help, nor did the visit to a ‘hipster cafรฉ’ with the kids (a running joke in our family), that resulted in a delicious lunch with a plate of falafel. Nevertheless, I managed to lose 800g (1.7 lbs) this week.

Lazy re-use of old manip…

I already crossed my first milestone last week. And just as an update in case anybody read my piece on motivation and rewards: As soon as I had weighed myself and passed the milestone, I went on that jewelry website to reward myself with the ring I had set my heart on. Click – in my shopping cart. Click – at the check-out. I was thrilled to be parting with 80$ in return for my reward – and then *crash*. Shopping cart abandoned. Turns out that the postage for 1 ring from the US to Europe was going to be 60$. I just can’t justify that kind of unnecessary spend on a luxury item, so for the moment, the jewelry rewards are off. I am disappointed, but I have told myself that I will revisit the site once I have reached my final goal, and if the jewelry is still available then, I might treat myself to the full set in one go. In *that* case, I *will* justify the massive postage cost to myself…

However, I did get a reward last week. I decided to go the opposite way: Instead of luxury jewelry shopping, I snooped around in a few charity shops and made a few finds. For the princely sum of โ‚ฌ7 ($8.60) I bought five small vintage vases to feed my interior design needs. Sublimation of the highest order – more useless items to clog up the home, but at least the money was invested in non-food items. And going to a good cause. I consider that a win. Plus: Thrifting has become my latest replacement activity. It involves long walks to charity shops all over town. So I am practically *obliged* to go on thrift hauls.ย  There are still a few blank spaces on my charity shop map, but hey, still a few months left on my weight loss journey… At the end of it all, not only will I be beautiful (…), but my house, too ๐Ÿ˜‚

Enjoy your pancakes today!




20 thoughts on “Pancake Tuesday!

  1. Oh sorry about the jewelry, what a bummer these customs taxes and the like :-(( but sounds like you had a few nice finds nevertheless.

    I haven’t had pancakes in ages, but i really only liked crepes so we’ll see. In any case my receipe is easy peasy and while i have no idea how ‘points’ work it’s not a calorie bomb either. I cup flour (i bet wholemeal will work just as fine) , 1 egg and half a liter bottle of sparking water. Mix well, let sit in fridge for at least 30min ans then make. They turn out thin an cook well without sticking due to no milk and make depending on size of pan 15-20 in my experience so very productive.

    In terms of pan frying this stuff is really good and very low in fat: especially for crepes and omelettes or the like really ideal as even coating is more important than fat everywhere.

    Had no idea that peanut butter powder existed. Might try it, though i don’t eat the stuff often enough to stock big quantities so will have to see what expiry dates this has.

    I’ll be grateful for any easy vegetable based receipes going forward as i plan to do my 2 vegan days a week during lent ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps What’s wrong with falafel? it’s chickpeas which are very healthy….


    1. The falafel are deep-fried – so mega fat bomb…
      Regular pancakes are great, of course – it’s the carbs in them that make them a bit of a no-no. I have been avoiding carbs for the last 4 weeks (apart from weetabix in the morning and a kiddie-size wrap at lunch) and I can feel the difference. Maybe I am latently gluten intolerant, but I feel less sluggish and generally my digestion is better, so I am trying to avoid carbs wherever I can.
      Yep, Frylight. I am using the olive oil variety by Frylight. Does the trick nicely. My non-stick pan is still quite new, so I actually don’t need any oil at all, I have noticed. I also sometimes fry vegetables in a spoonful of water rather than use the spray. Yes, that works!
      The peanut butter powder has a six month expiry date. At two tablespoons a day, I have gone through my first jar in about 2 weeks. But that’s just me – I simply love peanut butter…


      1. ok, but one portion of falafel usually is only 2-3 anyway so not such a big sin once in a blue moon ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure you’re not gluten intolerant (believe me, you’d know if you were) but less carbs surely means more veg and that gives more energy long term, especially things like porridge or similar breakfast. It’s the stuff you replaced carbs with that do the trick, like fruit and such.
        Yeah, no point me buying the peanut butter powder then as i never actually finish a jar in a year and always end up throwing things away.
        I only found Frylight after looking for a thing i saw on telly. I don’t fry stuff, i tend to use a 500 ml bottle of veg oil a year (if it doesn’t expire before), and yes, i mean a year so haven’t really ever needed to think about how much oil i use in frying. But good to know if i wanted to cut down on it this is usable. For things like fried eggs it makes a difference or frittata ๐Ÿ™‚ And fried eggs are better apparently than omelettes because they don’t absorb the fat they are cooked in.


      2. Once in a blue moon is ok. But just for comparison: When doing the WW programme, 1 portion of falafel (=4 deep fried balls) has 13 points. Considering that I have 23 points to spend PER DAY, you can see that the falafel are a major item… and best avoided.
        Yeah, I don’t think I am coeliac, but I can feel wheat flour making a negative impact on my well-being. Could be subjective, or wishful thinking, but avoiding carbs in the shape of bread and other grain-based food – and eating more greens and fruit – has definitely improved my well-being.
        Interesting re. fried egg vs omelette. Not a major fan of fried egg, though. And I am wondering about the cholesterol implications of eggs…


      3. I’m not sure about the eggs either, there are conflicting reports, some say they are not as bad for cholesterol as people say .. i think keeping it to 3-4 max a week seems reasonable. I don’t like them enough to eat some every day anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰


      4. With omelette and banana pancakes I could easily eat 4 a DAY… Of course I am not – because I am worried about the cholesterol – but yeah, I have to consciously avoid them.


  2. ah, the other thing i wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚ Not precisely for Shrove Tuesday LOL as most stuff doesn’t make the best pancake fillings ;-))) Although… red grapefruit with a bit of honey or stewed rhubarb probably actually do with some nice low fat yogurt..

    So, in case you are lost for what veggies to include or what else to eat which is healthy this list is very useful, all 100 are great contributions to daily menus, nutritional value increases as you go down the list, so more of those always good. I’ll certainly keep at my red grapefruit, frozen spinach, small handful of almonds a day (salted ones work too, just not fried in oil) and i need to find ways of incorporating more beetroot.


      1. me too! I don’t cook nearly enough and neither do i use frozen spinach enough! Not a fan of cooked spinach but i always buy it every month and have it raw in sandwich, salads etc to make sure i have it. But i thought the list was very interesting also because it contains a lot of condiments and spices. And those are very healthy it seems and i found them very useful in healthier cooking but adding flavour. I just need to make myself buy and use more fresh herbs.


  3. Nice post, I am on WW too and made my pancake excatly the same ingredients but I added some cinnamon to mine and put some chocolate shot over the top, yummy. Some of the girls at the class talk about the peanut powder but haven’t actually tried it yet as it is quite expensive so need to work up to that. I love charity shops as I volunteer in one of ours and get a lot of bargains there, so think of all the steps you are doing towards your goal, keep up the good work


    1. I splashed out yesterday, too, and had one of my little pancakes with a small spoonful of salted caramel, and another with cream. The little things…
      Off to explore another charity shop today ๐Ÿ˜.
      Keep up the good work yourself!

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      1. I like the purple vase my favourite colour enjoy reading the books I usually email the pictures over to my email address and then transfer them over under the add media have you tried that


      2. I was trying to remember how I did it last time. Your method makes sense! Might update that later…
        Yep, looking forward to reading those books. With my Lent resolutions in place, I hope to have more time for reading. Joseph O’Connor is one of my favourite authors, and I want to give David Hewson a try on the back of listening to some of his audiobook work narrated by RA.

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