7 days… 5 pounds!

Woo-hoo! At my one-week weigh-in on the Weight Watchers plan, I am 5 pounds down!

The first week was really tough emotionally, as I struggled with feeling miserable and angry that I couldn’t just eat what I wanted. And it’s a stressful time at work, which for sure doesn’t help. Not only that, but here are some of the eating challenges I faced over the week:

  • Cake in honour of someone who was leaving (in fact there’s another one tomorrow!)
  • Specially commissioned cookies hand-delivered to each office by that same co-worker
  • An evening where there was only time to get submarine sandwiches before driving my son to hockey
  • A potluck lunch that I had to attend at one of our locations
  • Being taken to by a supplier to a hockey game preceded by an amazing high-end buffet with roast beef, roast lamb, chicken thighs, scalloped potatoes, salads, pasta, prawn cocktail, desserts, and wine
  • Nachos with beef and all the fixings on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Tuesday morning meeting with a plate of blueberry danishes and pastries right in front of me

I somehow managed to make good choices, steering towards the zero-point foods and avoiding the worst excesses (although I still had a glass of wine on Saturday!)

One of the things that helped was trying a variation on Guylty’s lunchtime suggestion.

Turkey breast, stir fried peppers, and Laughing Cow herb and garlic cream cheese all on a small corn tortilla. 3 points and quite filling and tasty.

I also bought some 0% fat, plain Greek yoghurt. Mixed with sweet fresh blueberries, it makes a nice zero-point snack.

I’m feeling motivated to soldier on. How was your week?


9 thoughts on “7 days… 5 pounds!

  1. That is a stunning result, Sue, congratulations. Especially when looking at the various dinner/lunch/snack temptations that were thrown your way. Almost every day. If you were able to get this result *despite* all that, just think what you can achieve in an ordinary week!
    I myself have got a “dinner challenge” today, too. And it’s of my own making. It’s a tradition in my family that every job-related success – new job, new title, pay rise – is celebrated by a dinner. So I’m taking hubster, kids and in-laws out for a meal in our favourite French restaurant. My weekly allowance will suffer… I intend to stick with shellfish to contain the damage. Moules frites. (Although I will not be able to resist the frites… But well, that’s my treat this week…)

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    1. Thanks! Oh and of course I should mention that chatting with all of you on-line is really motivating!
      Have fun at your dinner. It’s always nice to celebrate good news. I agree,though, that you do need to have some treats too.


  2. thats brilliant for your first week, I am doing ww too, have been for a while so have been up and down, I find no count better for me than flex as I don’t want to have to weigh and count everything because that will make me crave things even more, I have lost 18lbs so am pleased with that, well done for not giving in to temptation, I find that when you are really focussed it works and whatever is thrown at you, passes you by, keep up with the good work, I am out this weekend yet again so temptation all over again for me!!!!

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  3. I”m so glad all of you are doing well.

    I’ve not weighed myself at all. I’ve been sick and we all know we don’t eat right when we’re ill. I’ve had too many cokes.


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