And the taste test is in!

So we made the Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes for dinner tonight.


First off, I want to know what makes these blueberries wild? Are they feral? Not be tamed? Did they bite before frozen, hence ‘wild’? Were harmful claw traps used in capturing them? Or is it the fact they sexually promiscuous that makes them ‘wild’? That’s rather judgmental, if you ask me! We will never know.

When we made up the batter, it was decidedly, NOT batter-like. Okay, it was liquidy! So we added 1/4 cup MORE of the buckwheat flour and a little over 1/4th a cup of the whole wheat flour. When we added the blueberries, it was decidedly a batter!

We poured them onto the griddle.


As stated for the first 5, I did use a 1/4th measuring cup with a little spout for easy pouring. The last 2, I just made big. The recipe as called for will make 8 pancakes.

And I LOVE my griddle!

And those aren’t bubbles  – there be blueberries! YUM!


They’re kinda hard to flip.


And I used cinnamon butter. As most diabetics should know, cinnamon is a good thing to help you with your blood glucose. Now remember, the recipe says 4 servings and I normally find serving sizes to be grossly teeny tiny! Not here. These pancakes will feed 4 people.

The end result?


These are GREAT! I”m not a huge pancake eater – I get in the mood on occasion and I only one one or a small stack of two! These were really really really good! I will make these for my parents next time we go home!

Really. Go buy the ingredients and make these! Yum yum!!!


8 thoughts on “And the taste test is in!

    1. I have no clue. If someone has an online account with Weight Watchers, you can put them in and get them. I would think it being a diabetic friendly recipe – no bleached flour, no sugar, it wouldn’t be a huge amount.


    2. According to my handy dandy pocket guide, with the added additional whole wheat flour – one serving 3 points. I can’t find anything for buckwheat flour and considering I’m thinking to add a point just for that. – 4 points and it’s VERY filling!


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