Day 1… and Zero-Point Foods

All right. So, I went back to Weight Watchers yesterday (Tuesday) and faced reality. Today is Day 1 of really committing myself to losing weight. I’ve done it before and I’m sure I can do it again, especially with our virtual group here on Richard’s BBBWW. The in-person group is really good too, with around 30 people at the meeting and everyone sharing their experiences. It’s a bit far from the office, but I have to start going again. The accountability of weighing in is really important for me to stay on track.

I was also given a 12-day free pass to a women’s-only gym a couple of blocks from work. I’m going over there tomorrow to activate the pass. I need to get my muscles moving on the machines to kick-start my weight loss and my fitness.

I was pleased to find that the new WW plan has lots of zero-point foods. Even if you’re not planning to follow that program, these can be a good guide to help steer food choices in the right direction. So, for easy reference, here they are:

  • Fruit (not avocados or coconuts; not dried; not juice)
  • Vegetables (including corn and peas, but not potatoes)
  • Skinless chicken breast
  • Skinless turkey breast
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Tofu
  • Lentils
  • Nonfat plain yoghurt

My big problem, though, is time. The WW plan is pushing us away from any processed or packaged foods. While I’m sure that’s healthier, I’m just not sure how to fit the planning and prep time into my day. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out. Any ideas?

I’d better figure it out! The last thing I need is Richard doing a face-palm in dismay if I go over my daily points!

Thornton Face Palm



19 thoughts on “Day 1… and Zero-Point Foods

  1. Congratulations! First step is the hardest, but you are now on your way.
    I hear you re. accountability. While I just can’t really face going to a weekly pep talk with public weigh-ins, I definitely need the WW system of keeping track of what I eat. I am doing the “At Home” programme.
    And thanks for re-posting the zero points list – to my dismay I just realised that fruit juice is obviously not allowed. Dang. I had just started a new regime of putting an apple and a tsatsuma a day through an old juicer I recently found. (Or does the “no fruit juice” only apply to ready-made, store-bought juices? Hm, I have to look into that.)
    While I have comfortably settled into the programme – really yummy meal options now that they have so many “substantial” zero points foods like chicken/turkey breast and eggs – exercise remains my big challenge. Even though I dislike cooking, meal prep doesn’t really eat too much into my time. But taking an hour from my day to go for a brisk walk, seems unmanageable for me. (Obviously it’s not – I just have to cut down on internet time *sigh*).
    In any case, wishing you great success!

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    1. Thanks for the support! The meeting format has changed. They don’t use a flip chart and there isn’t an actual pep talk anymore (at least here). Apparently, the leader is given a topic, but really the attendees now control the meeting so it’s more like sharing and support. I might actually miss the mini lecture, but we’ll see.

      They say that blended or juiced fruits get absorbed more quickly as sugar, so there are points attached.

      I really hate cooking (hubby does around half). I do it because we have to eat, but I’m also not fast or intuitive at cooking, unfortunately. Often I don’t get home until 7. Last night I finally only had time for anything extra at nearly 10 pm. Tonight, my son has a hockey game, so I’m having to pick up submarine sandwiches and then I won’t be home until 9:30. Time is my biggest issue. (I need Hermione’s time turner from “Harry Potter”!)

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      1. That sounds like a full day. It probably depends on everybody’s individual preferences, but I have to say that it really suited me to be working full-time out of the house when I was on my first WW diet. Because I was working in an office, surrounded by other people, I could not snack and I had given break times. The company supplied free soft drinks and fruit, and I brought my own lunch. Is your work set-up similar, and do you find that easier for dieting, or not?
        Interesting that the meeting format has changed. Sounds like a support group format (which is nice).

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      2. I think I might have an easier time at home. At work, it’s pretty flexible in terms of taking breaks, eating etc. And most of the free stuff is fattening! Wednesday someone was leaving and there were two kinds of cake on offer. Plus she came around and gave us each a cookie she had had made! Temptation!


  2. Can I ask how many points are you allowed daily and how many weekly bonus points? I have a handy dandy handbook with WW points.

    I’m guessing my new found love for Chinese coconut Chicken isn’t allowed then, eh?

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    1. I was surprised, because they’ve reduced the daily point allowances significantly because of the zero point foods. All the rest of the per food points are the same as they were. So, 23 and 42. My daily when I was almost the same weight before was 30. (It just occurred to me that 42 is the answer to everything according to “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”! Maybe the question they were looking for was “How many weekly points do you get!)

      Yeah, apparently coconut has to be counted.

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      1. And the chicken is fried….

        I’m so screwed. The only resturants near here is the Chinese Resturant across the street and a BBQ hole in the wall half a mile u the street.

        And my salad today was NASTY. Just NASTY! When my lunch is nasty, it doesn’t bode well for dinner because I just don’t care.


  3. I am seriously considering WW. My neighbor is doing great on it. The issue is that I have to be gluten free, my hubby is picky and my 16 year old son eats alot. I have given up most sugars except stevia. My problem is carbs and craft beer! I do belong to a women’s only gym and I love it! Thanks for sharing so much info!


    1. It’s a good program, but of course you do have to do some planning, especially if you are gluten free. Tonight my hubby made a curry with chicken breast and stir fried some red and yellow peppers. Gluten free and only 1 point for the oil. I have a two sons, 16 and 22, the latter doing physical work and always hungry. But the thing is, WW is about portion control, really, so you can do regular cooking and just eat the right amount. I like red wine and sour cream and onion chips (not usually together). For now, I’m giving them both up. But when I add back the wine, I know I can have 2 3/4 ounces for 2 points. Good luck with whatever you decide to try. I’m hoping I will start to use the gym too!


  4. Somehow I missed this when it first landed in my inbox. Congrats on making the WW commitment. Guylty and Zee too.
    These posts are my WW meetings 😉 I’m trying to eat sensibly (I use an entree sized plate for my meals for portion control), drink at least a litre of water, and get in some exercise most days, and I do have the much needed accountability when I get weighed and measured at my women’s gym once a month.
    That’s one thing I have learnt – it’s not always about that number on the scales. Take your measurements (or use an item of clothing as a guide) and redo them a month down the track. Resistance/strength training results show particularly in this sense because you are toning up all over. A kilo of fat weighs the same as a kilo of muscle, but the muscle takes up less space. There is a comparison image on the internet somewhere.

    Thank you for the points free guide, it’s a good starting point. I always find choosing yoghurt tricky though, because many of the low fat versions I can buy here are loaded up with extra sugar to compensate for having the fat reduced. I firmly believe that a little of the “pure” stuff that you can savour and enjoy is better. A bit like butter vs margarine that Zee mentioned in another post. I use Greek yoghurt -which was an acquired taste!- and fortunately am able to buy a brand that has a beautiful creamy one sweetened with fruit juice.

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    1. Thanks! It is great to have this virtual support group. It’s definitely motivated me to get started again.

      I buy Liberte Greek yoghurt. They have a plain 0% fat and no added sugar.


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