Breakfast of Champions

Every month we have a big breakfast get-together in my house. We invite our friends and cook up a big Irish fry-up. It consists of the usual trimming: sausages, bacon, egg, black pudding, tomato – and in Ireland we also have white pudding and mushrooms on the plate. Just writing this down feels as if I am piling on the pounds… Hence my recent reluctance to take part in our monthly fry. Not much fun watching the others munch while I nibble on a piece of dry Weetabix.

Can you believe it? This only has 3 SmartPoints!

Or so I thought – wrongly. In fact, with the right ingredients, I can take part in our big breakfasts. This is what I had this morning (right) for a triumphant 2 WW SmartPoints: 2 rashers, 1 sausage, a fried egg and a good helping of fried mushrooms. The secret is not in the sauce but in the lean meat. Instead of pork products, these are turkey rashers and sausage. Grilled on our grill (or on something like a George Foreman grill), and fried with only a spray of oil, you come away with 2 points. A proper alternative to the usual pork fest, and you don’t feel left out at all.

However, big fry-ups are reserved for leasurely weekends, so on ordinary workdays, my breakfast is much more modest. Here are a few ideas for a healthy, tasty breakfast that will still keep you satisfied until the mid morning snack.



I like Weetabix when on a diet because it is easy to measure. 1 Weetabix = 2 SmartPoints. I like to soften my weetabix with boiling hot water and then add a dash of unroasted almond milk (0 points). For a nicer taste, I add a handful of blueberries or a few slices of banana (0 points).

2 SmartPoints



When the family makes porridge, I have a 20g portion (measured pre-cooking) = 2 SmartPoints. Again a dash of almond milk, some berries/banana.

2 SmartPoints


Banana Pancakes

When I have time, this is a fantastic alternative to cereal-based breakfasts. (I often have this at lunchtime, actually.) Whisk up 2 eggs (0 SmartPoints) with 1 peeled banana (0 SmartPoints) in a blender. Possibly add a dash of liquid sweetener if the banana isn’t particularly ripe yet. Spray a couple of sprays of oil onto a non-stick frying pan and heat. Pour the egg/banana mixture in individual pancakes no larger than palm size into the pan –  flip over after 3 minutes. Tastes delicious, has no points whatsoever, so you can splash out on a spoonful of peanut butter (2 SmartPoints), or Nutella (2 SmartPoints), or even a dash of cream or honey. Or you go the healthy way and add 0% fat plain yoghurt (0 SmartPoints) and some berries (0 SmartPoints).

0 SmartPoints


Theoretically, with four such breakfast options available, it is possible to rotate the various dishes every morning, so it doesn’t get too boring. Have you got other go-to low-cal, low-carb breakfast ideas?

And in case you were wondering – Richard’s favourite morning food is:


18 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

    1. Hm, what’s the difference between overnight oats and porridge? Only that the oats become soft because they are soaked overnight? I hate having cold milk on my cereal, so the cooked variety works fine for me.


      1. You put the oats, milk, yogurt, fruit, honey/maple syrup, (I also add chia seeds) in a jar, tupperware and keep it in the fridge overnight. Next morning you can add some more fruits, a tbsp of peanut butter & enjoy!


      2. Sounds nice. I read up on it. It can be heated, too. If I had a microwave, that’s probably what I would do. Seeing that we cook a big pan of porridge every morning anyway, there doesn’t seem much point to soaking the oats overnight for me.


  1. That looks lovely!

    I have no clue what white or black pudding is. None, whatsoever.

    Spawn is a sick Spawn this morning – he’s coughing and running a fever. I’m praying it’s NOT the flu, he had that 3 years ago. SO I think when he starts moving around, I’ll make him biscuits and gravy with bacon. And if his temp is higher than 101, we’ll head off to the Doc in the Box.


    1. Black and white pudding sounds worse than it is. I actually like both, so don’t be repelled: Black pudding is essentially a blood sausage with suet. White pudding is pork meat and suet and oatmeal. They are cut into slices and fried.
      Keeping fingers crossed that Spawn hasn’t caught the flu!


  2. I’m a brekky girl, I’m starving by 9am if I don’t eat by then. However, as much as I love the smell of a cooked breakfast, I’ve never been able to stomach eating it, even with the temptation of all those English/Irish breakfasts in the B&Bs we’ve stayed at over the years. Egg and bacon is lunch or dinner for me! I try to steer clear of commercial cereals, although I do have Weet-Bix, and occasionally treat myself to my favourite boxed cereal. Otherwise, it’s muesli/Bircher muesli or porridge in the cooler weather, plus multigrain toast and that favourite Aussie spread, Vegemite.

    This recipe I tried yesterday (similar to Sinnaminie’s suggestion) was yummy:
    1/4 cup oats
    2 tbsp black chia seeds (I used white)
    1 cup of almond milk
    cinnamon (excellent antioxidant)
    Soak overnight and serve with fruit and yoghurt (I use creamy, fruit juice sweetened Greek yoghurt) and extra cinnamon if desired.
    Serves 2.


    1. ooh, Vegemite… I think that is really a taste you have to be born into 😉. The husband eats Marmite, and I get queezy just looking at the stuff, not to mention the smell…
      Fair point re. the commercial cereals. When I was on WW before, my breakfast consisted of a mini box of Special K every morning. (I was still working in a big office at that time, and had breakfast with my colleagues every morning – typical crowd behaviour 😂) But I have moved away from those processed cereals, too. Weetabix the exception.
      Dammit, those chia seeds have a Points value… otherwise I would totally add them to my breakfast, too.


      1. ??? It seems the points system I was familiar with all those years ago has completely changed. 15g of chia seeds (now) equivalent to one choccie Tim Tam (then)? And no points for an egg or banana.


      2. Yes, they have completely revamped the program once again. While I quite like the changes this time (those 0 point chicken breasts and eggs are a true god-send – they make sure that I always feel that I have had a proper, big meal every day), it’s something that generally annoyed me over the past 10 years that I have been on WW diets. You continually have to buy new cook books etc. if you want to be up-to-date. Hmph.


  3. Most of the time we have muesli at breakfast with milk ( room temperature). For variation on days when we have more time we have baguette with confiture or Nutella or croissants or pain au chocolat with a cup of café noir or café au lait. It is most on sundays. Now for the healthier way I eat sometimes yoghurt natur with some fruits. It doesn’t exist a warm breakfast here.


    1. Oh yum, baguette and Nutella… I haven’t had bread in two weeks now. Neither for breakfast nor for any other meal. Mind you, I find that avoiding wheat has been beneficial for my digestive tract.
      I wish I could get back into yoghurt. I overate on that when I was a teenager – and now I can’t stand the stuff anymore.


  4. I usually am late and end up eating in the car! When I’m trying to control what I eat, I usually have 2 Belvita crunchy breakfast biscuits. I think they’re 4 points for 2 and they’re filling enough to last me until lunch.


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