Cheating? Or perhaps a better word: Pampering?

So yesterday, we all seem to want to talk about cheating! No, not on our SO’s but on our healthier moves and eating habits. And I would like to take this discussion up a notch.

Cheating. It rings up thoughts of ice  cream and pie and chocolate and those foods we love but shouldn’t have. For me? Pasta, potatoes, breads! Coca Cola! Those things that kill a diabetic. And I love them. Almost as much as I love Richard.

Cheating would including fantasizing about Hiddles, Ben or any of the Chris’s…

But I digress.

I think cheating is important. Not a lot of it. We mostly consider that one evening of the sky’s the limit in food, our favorite no-no food after a positive week of healthier habits. You don’t want to go too far off the wagon…


The bit of favorite but forbidden comfort food, goes a long way. But I suggest we take it a step FURTHER!


Yes, ladies, (and gentleman) we should pamper ourselves. We work, take care of family, friends. We have blogs, have creative outlets, fanfiction, photography, artwork, plushies.

My RA Plushie has  been known to pilfer through my panty drawer. Yes, he is a perverted panty pilferer. And proud of it.

Pampering is something you can do anytime, anywhere and not worry about calories, food points or carbs.

Anyone who knows me, know I have been pampering myself with new clothes. It’s sinful really, what all I’ve bought in the last 2 years. There is replenishing the wardrobe and then there is out and out clothes-gluttony. I have decided that I’m paying down the credit card for the next 2 months – maybe buy a new Easter Outfit – or not.

What it has done – besides waste my bank account- is make me feel better about me. Why wait until I’m 2 sizes smaller to buy something new? There is no guarantee one will be ALIVE in 2 dress sizes down! Really! My former principal lost over 100 pounds in a little over a year or so. She and her husband (who is also an educator) were supposedly retiring at the end of this school year. She passed away VERY suddenly and unexpectedly, in November, so she was buried in one of those new suits. So I think there is nothing wrong in feeling good in what you’re wearing now! Don’t wait.

I was also tired of wearing the same style/color bra. Only one place retails a bra I could afford and after 8 years of the same Bali Bra, I was ready for a change.

EITHER way. If you didn’t see my earlier post from yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am 12 pounds lighter than I was at the end of november. This made me think hard last night. IN my current mind’s eye, I’ve lost and found the same pounds over and over and over for some time. I walked my ass off this summer… well not really, because I still sit on a lot of ass – but I weighed the exact same the day before school started this past August as I weighed the last day of school this past May. Eight weeks! I should have at LEAST lost a pound! It was depressing. I was reminded things rearrange, that muscle weighs more than fat.

But still, after happiness last night, I lay in bed with Old Faithful, my old old old handheld Kindle that I still put books on and I’m thinking… how much did I weigh when I moved down here in July of 2015?

And the answer was – 37 pounds more.

For the most part, I didn’t realize it. It didn’t dawn on me. Granted, I’ve been buy up clothes, and I have a penchant for these long drapey things that cover up a multitude of sins.


That top – which I love – is a size 26. I wear a 22 now. It’s falling off my shoulders. I could go smaller (I have one that is a 20) except my girls refuse to give up the fight for their cup size. My jeans – which I’ve bought down a size for – are loose in the back, above the hip. That’s how I know I’ve lose weight – that dip or indention in my lower back is back. I have a small waistline indention. I got up this morning and compared pictures.


I think it shows in my face the most.

So after looking at all of this and digesting it, I decided today, I’m going to pamper myself.

No, I’m not buying more clothes or pants or shoes. I’m not. Last Christmas, I was really sick. I had been sick since Thanksgiving. I was taking meds that caused my blood sugar to sky rocket and caused other, disgusting rude problems. My sister – who is my best friend – knows how to make a girl feel better. I was too sick to get my hair cut and it needed it. So instead for Christmas, she bought me girly stuff.

Face masks. Lip bubbly. That’s what it’s called. Lip bubbly.


She  bought me 7 or 8. Most of them told me I am…


But this morning I found one that said otherwise…


It says ‘nice’. Trust me.

And I pampered myself. My son thinks I’m insane.


Funny, how 20 minutes of ugly makes you feel SOOOOOO pretty.

What do YOU do to pamper yourself?


He knows you’re working it!





13 thoughts on “Cheating? Or perhaps a better word: Pampering?

  1. I’ve been thinking about this, too. Pampering myself. Rewarding myself for the milestones maybe. For being good and adhering to my new habits. But clothes give me no joy. Not at the moment. I hate seeing myself in the mirror, so I avoid them as best as I can. I never got into a make-up habit, so that is no option, either. Shoes? I don’t have any space to store them. So in terms of “buying” something as a treat, that amounts to crafty stuff. I love buying new paper, decoration bits and pieces. And pampering is taking the time to actually do something creative. That’s another habit I would like to get into – setting aside some time every day when I can be creative.

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    1. I think we all might have a different definition to pampering oneself. For a long time, I pampered myself by curling up somewhere with a new book. Writing is something I HAVE to do if I wish to continue breathing, if that makes sense. I’ve long had a love affair with clothes – ever since I was a teenager. I’m going to a social tonight (in fact I need to log off to get ready and get my salad put together) and I”m wearing an outfit I can’t really wear to work OR church.

      I could never get married because there is nowhere in the closet for him to put his things. 😀

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      1. I did! It was our Sunday School class from church. Our leaders have a really nice fire pit in the back yard and we drank crock pot hot chocolate by the fire and talked about life and our kids and grandkids around it. I have cheated all I can cheat for the week and now it’s time to get BACK on the wagon!

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      2. When I was on Weight Watchers – Thursday morning,. Friday I got on the scale for the first time since the Monday after Thanksgiving, so the last Monday of November.

        I don’t weigh myself regularly. I should, I know, but…. it’s like I don’t take my blood glucose regularly. I SHOULD, I KNOW!


  2. Funny how so many things revolve around food. What I like most is going out for a nice dinner. Or going to a movie (but then I want popcorn and more). Or having a glass of wine. Or binge-watching something good on TV (but then I want to snack). Somehow I need to change up the habits.

    Non-fattening pampering might be sleeping in (doesn’t happen too often) or clothes (can’t find any pants that fit/look good) or shoes/boots (running out of space). Ah well.

    I did get my hair cut today, so that was good. And I’m squeezing in a few minutes to read blogs!

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    1. Our lives DO revolve around food, doesn’t it? I go home and my mom cooks and cooks and cooks. I stopped talking about 3 squares a day ages ago. My biggest problem was feeling good about myself and I didn’t. At all. Hence, clothing.

      The online places I get the majority of the clothes I have are created especially for us girls with curves. Includes bathing suits and lingerie. I couldn’t believe how much a pretty bra that wasn’t white or beige made me feel satisfied.

      For a while. 🙂

      Of course, now I have a full closet, so I’m looking elsewhere for other things for pampering me. I’m reading more again. That’s something.


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