Just some admin details

Everyone who has followed this blog so far SHOULD have received invites for author rights – meaning you can just go ahead and post. This blog should be under you My Sites tab. Just click on it and go.

I hope. I’m new at this. I”m liable to be bad at it.




16 thoughts on “Just some admin details

  1. I think I need a WP account to post? Problems with my “Mezz” account drove me nuts. It seemed to be that you can’t “cancel” an account, you have to make it obsolete. 🙄 I will try starting up a separate one for this because I would like to contribute every so often. 🙂

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      1. No I don’t. I can’t see a contact page on your blog. Can you please go to mine and send me a message through contact? That should send me an email and then I can email you my email address. Thanks.

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      2. I have it and it’s not showing me my control panel here at work. I’ll ping Guylty and see if she sees it and if not, when I get home this evening I”ll take care of it.


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