Exercise is good for you – says Richard

Hello. Here is a very spontaneous first post from me, Guylty, on this new blog. With hot news, just fresh off Twitter:

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.44.57
Screenshot, because there’s no telling how long that tweet will last

Richard recommends a fitness program. (Joe Dowdell apparently is his trainer.) Hm. Unusual for RA to endorse a commercial enterprise so obviously. But here is a thought – maybe Richard has been sneaking around in blog land and noticed some of his followers are now starting a healthy living blog. Covert endorsement? *coughs*. Nah, I don’t think so, just a funny coincidence. But hey, supporting our clean living efforts with a fitness plan is definitely a good idea. I’m sure we will write and read about that here on blog at some stage. The category thus has been started. Thanks, Richard 😘 .  

(Proper post from me coming tomorrow or so – but this was just too good to ignore it.)


15 thoughts on “Exercise is good for you – says Richard

  1. I was going to make a crude comment about Richard coming to MY place to… exercise… but I won’t.

    Our new school is a two story and quite large. I try to walk it each day at some point. Most of my walking however is between my room and the bathroom… coughcough

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

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    1. Well, *that* kind of fitness plan would be most welcome, of course. However, I wouldn’t like to pay for such…
      My fitness consists of my frequent trips to the loo, too. And the daily shopping trip. That’s one reason why I never do a weekly shop – so that I am forced to leave the house and walk a bit to get the ingredients for dinner…

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      1. Spawn and I do grocery shopping twice a month. When I was paid once a month, we went once a month and 1 extra milk and bread run. We plan our menus and when we stick to it, we do pretty good.

        But that’s the thing – sticking to the menu. It’s too easy on days he has school, we don’t crawl home until after 6PM and neither one of us want to start cooking. We have a crockpot and we’re talking about getting a second one. It’s nice to go home and smell dinner already done.

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      2. I’m really bad when it comes to meal planning, mainly because I dislike cooking so much and hat to spend any time on planning. When I do a big grocery shop, chances are that a lot of stuff will go off. So I basically wing it from day to day.
        I had to google to see what a crockpot is. Sounds pretty good, I must say.

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      3. WE love our crockpot! Put it in in the morning, cover, set on low and let it cook all day while we’re at work/school. Come home, MAYBE add a few things and 30 minutes later, WINNAR WINNAR CHICKEN DINNAR! We typically make White Lightning Southwestern White bean Turkey Chili, pot roast or Sherry Pork Roast with Root vegetables. Good stuff.

        Spawn insists on planning because I hate to go to the grocery so much. He keeps up
        with it. big thing is remembering to take the meat out of the freezer in the morning or the night before so it’s thawed out. We also like to have breakfast for dinner on occasion – pancakes. I have some healthy oat waffle and blueberry buckwheat pancake recipes that are healthy (as in diabetic) I’ll get those posted as well.

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  2. That’s unusual to be endorsing a commercial enterprise! I went on the website and there is a free 14-day program that you can get by sending your email. There are also recipe books on there for $19.99. But there’s not much info and I can’t judge a book by its cover!


    1. I thought it was unusual, too – hence I initially thought his account had been hacked. But the fans on Twitter were very fast in finding out that not only has RA been following Joe Dowdell for a good long while, there is also an endorsement by RA on Dowdell’s site. https://www.joedowdell.com/testimonials/ So it’s legit.
      As for the effectiveness of such plans – not for me. While I totally believe that I need more exercise in my life, this would be wayyyyyy beyond my capabilities and unrealistic to get into. Even just looking at such sites depresses me because I know that I am far far far away from even *attempting* a fitness plan…


  3. I prefer the thought that it’s a funny coincidence! 🙂 Seems to me he’s doing a friend a favour. If he starts to endorse other things on Twitter I’d be questioning where his head space is at, even though he’s done voice overs for commercials.

    I’ve tried alI kinds of exercise, on a have-to basis, rather than because I liked doing it. My hobbies, with the exception of gardening – all involve sitting down lol. I walked for years on a daily basis when I was with Weight Watchers; really over it now, except for when I’m on holiday. The only exercise I’ve truly stuck at is a resistance based workout at a women’s only gym – ten years now. Physically and socially it’s a good fit for me. I try to get in as much incidental exercise as I can.

    I hate cooking, and planning? Hahahahaha….!


  4. It stands to reason that Mr. A has a work-out routine, so it makes sense that he has been working with a trainer if not one person for a long time. A lot of men I know work out with friends and some even trainers, but most the men I know personally (that are not artists) are not self conscious of their bodies like I am. Not that I would shower in front of them or sit in a hot tub naked with them. Noooo way. However it is interesting how they don’t care who sees their junk swinging as they casually walk around the dressing/shower areas. I do not understand this, but maybe that is just me.

    The first 10 years of our marriage, we belonged to a gym, but I hardly ever used it, my hubs did, but I could not get the time to go. Routine is the key element in all of this. Even if I don’t have time, I have to make time to walk the dog(s) no matter what. My hubs always tells me that I have the same 24 Hours everyone else has and that it is about time management, and getting into a routine that I can live with. I think it is easier said than done. Routine and habits that help us live healthier seem reasonable, however, life is not always reasonable. I’m trying to find that middle ground between working all the time, over committing myself and enjoying life a little bit. Not there yet, but it is the goal. So yeah, exercise . . .

    Hypothetically Zee, if you did have him come to your place to work out, how many calories do you think that would burn each session? I only ask for scientific getting in better cardio health reasons of course. 😊


    1. LOL – I want in there, too! I mean, as a separate appointment with the personal tRAiner, of course. (Zee can have him for her hour, and then I want a separate hour for a tandem-calorie-burning session.)
      As for the other points – completely agree with you. I am always envious about how the majority of men seem to be body-unconscious. I have seen even the shyest of men prance around naked in mixed showers (on campsites or in hostels) with absolutely no bother over whether anyone sees them or not. I could *never* do that. Heck, I even feel self-conscious in front of other *women*…
      Secondly – routine is the big keyword. The last time I was on a big WW spree, I was still working in a big internet company and had a commute to work. It was about 5k by foot, and I used to walk home every evening – perfect for actually getting the brain out of work-mode, as well as getting some light exercise in the shape of brisk walking. I am convinced it was a major element in my weight loss journey back then. Now that I am working from home, I have no reason to walk 5k every day – and it shows. It’s so much harder to *specifically* and *deliberately* go out for a walk than to “naturally” walk because you are on your way home. I wish I had more discipline (or more hours in the day). Time management – yes. But also lack of willpower. And also resisting the idea that I might have to give up coveted internet me-time for a walk. There’s something I need to work on…

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  5. Now there is a thought, personal tRAiner workout regimen. That sounds like a worthwhile investment. Damn you distract me with that idea, you are as bad as Zee. 😊

    I remember back to my bikini wearing days, I thought I was a fatty because I was not as thin as my sisters or friends or pretty much any other girlfriend I knew. However, I didn’t care if I wasn’t as thin, I still wanted to go swim or water-ski or to the water park. Hang the fact that I wasn’t model perfect. Later I realized the I wasn’t fat at all, that I should not have compared myself to everyone else because we are all who we are and not going to look the same. (sigh)

    I don’t want to see most men walking around naked, bad enough having to see plumber-crack when they bend over.

    Yes, the coveted ‘me’ time is a commodity. Which is why the only real exercise I seem to get is walking the dog.


      1. Good to hear it! I tell my nieces that smart women get to choose who they are with; your choice, not anyone else’s. I also reinforce the importance of intelligence & education so you can decide for yourself. Not by words when they are babies, but with encouragement and praise when they actually do something on their own. And of course I use reading for most of that early start, even when they are too little and hold the book/comics upside down, it shows they are already developing an interest. The secret is to feed the positive interest and keep it going. They will very shortly seek out more reading and that is the foundation to help them in everything else. I never say they should look like anything or anyone else. Boys on the other hand, I start them out the same, but when they get a little older, young adult, if appropriate, or needed I give them different advice about their choices in women.

        Boys are so much easier, for me anyway.

        Side note, why is it boys are never told they aren’t slim enough? I don’t think they should be told that but it isn’t a thing right?

        Boys grow up wanting to compete, or at least in my narrow experience they were/are. So they work out when they are older so they can play Basketball 🏀 or hike up dangerous mountains or take that stupid ski jump the girl you just started dating took and other stupid things that can get them killed. That is how men stay in shape I think, but it isn’t always the wisest way to go about it. ☃️


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